I was walking to work the other day when the thought struck me… I have met a milestone.

What milestone, might you ask?

I was wearing normal people shoes (not my fake Toms and not sandals).

This wouldn’t be such a big deal except that I have not worn normal shoes in a month and a half since I broke my toe.  It is very exciting stuff.  I was super sore last night as a result, but still, it is a gain.

I also thought of a few other milestones…

I finally figured out how to take the bus to a few key locations in the city without getting lost and knowing where to get on and off the bus.  Taking the bus used to be a huge adventure and I considered it a big inconvenience here.  But, now it is normal.

I passed junior physics.  Yes, I got an 86%, despite the question I knew I got wrong because I circled the wrong answer and despite me forgetting to put units on one of my long answer questions.  If I got those marks back, it would have been a 90.

I used the first of my herb garden this weekend… Chives on our pizza and a couple pieces of coriander in my “Asian noodle bowls.”  I decided to focus on the coriander and ditched the chives because they weren’t growing well anyway.

I am back to the gym.  Still not running, but getting some good rowing and cycling in.  On a related note, I can now walk to and from work without wanting to die (I really didn’t know how important toes were, but I also think a tarsal was involved, not just the toe).

Monday will be my last day of PGY2.  That is a big milestone.

It will also be the end of Patrick’s first adventure as a long-term substitute teacher.  Tonight was his first grade 6 graduation (well, his second if you count his own).

What milestones are you celebrating?


4 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Yesterday I celebrated 7 years of marriage, yay! Sunday the family will celebrate my brother’s 84th birthday. That’s quite a milestone (and he is a whole lot older than me in case you were wondering….)

  2. Oh man, a broken toe sounds like such a pain (literally, I suppose haha). Congrats on the great mark in physics! An 86 for me in med school is a big deal, as opposed to my pre-med-school life. How things change.

    • It is a literal pain.
      Thanks! I totally agree about the change in how I viewed marks in med school compared to before med school. MY NBMEs were a prime example of getting thrilled about consistently getting marks that I normally would have been disappointed about up to a year or two before.

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