Happy Belated Canada Day and Residency New Year!

Yesterday was Canada Day.

That also means it was start of the new residency year day.

I am officially a PGY3  (well, I am still missing a few evaluations from PGY2, but barring surprise failure, I am a PGY3) and today is my first day of doing actual Radiation Oncology for the rest of residency (minus my medical education elective).  I’m a happy girl.

I started off my first day as an R3 on call.  I’m just festive like that.

It was a sunny, beautiful day.  Everyone and their dog was out for celebrations dressed in red and white and I was off to the hospital (also in red because for some odd reason, having to work made me festive).  I waded through seas of people coming and going to various festivities, dodged a parade route that they were closing strangely early and all of that good stuff before even 9 in the morning.  Getting coffee was a challenge because the first two places I tried were closed.  I had to settle for the very Canadian, but not festive enough to close Tim Horton’s (ugh).

The fact that it is home call, however, was good.  It meant I got to spend some of the afternoon sitting out on the deck with the husband and the cat watching the crazies and waiting for a page.  I even got a little bit of work reading done.  A little bit.  Oh, and we took a M family selfie.10480582_10152674222399316_5582227936371051593_o

Happy day late Canada Day and residency New Years!

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