The saddest airport

Today marks our last day visiting the city where I did med school and where we spent our first 3 years of marriage.  

It was a great trip.

I’m sad it is over.

I’m sure I will share more of the awesome stuff I learned and the places we visited.

But for now, I must share that the airport here is one of the most depressing airports I have ever been in.  It isn’t the ugliest, or the sketchiest, or the smallest or biggest or any of those.  I have been stuck here a few times but not as many as in other places.  But, to me it is always sad.  

Maybe it is because I arrived here too many times with nobody there to greet me (actually I did have friends pick me up sometimes, but often it seemed we were on our own).  Maybe it is because I was always dropping off people to leave .  Or sometimes I was leaving people.  

The airport is on two levels.  Arriving, you can see people awaiting those who they love.  It is great when you see your person from either end.  It stinks when you are on your own.

But worse is when you are leaving or having someone leave.  There is an escalator to the secure area.  So, it is like they leave slower.

I’m sad to leave today.  We had fun with great friends.  I nerded it out at a good conference.  But, now it is time to get back to real life.  And likely not see our lovely friends for at least a year or so.

This airport makes me sad.  Okay, it is probably the circumstance.  But, I blame the airport.

2 thoughts on “The saddest airport

  1. I know the feeling! When I drop people off to say goodbye, I focus on those who look to be going away on vacations to somewhere hot and that is a bit of a happy distraction;) However, this tactic does not work so well for me at MY saddest airport which is where my parents live:( But I’ve found a more manageable way around the sad…sometimes goodbyes are easier if I go to the airport without my mom, or in the case of this week, I said goodbye to you at our doorstep which kinda tricks my mind into thinking we might see you next week:D Of course, that doesn’t help you who are leaving;) And it only manages, not fixes, my sad. We miss you guys and look forward to our next visit soon! Thanks for an awesome summer of multiple visits, lots of laughing and yummy ice cream! Hugs to Jeter for us!

    • I like your mind tricks.
      I often try to distract myself by guessing where other people are going or what their story is. Airports are fascinating places.
      Thanks for the awesome summer too! It was great! Hugs to Pekoe too, even though she’ll hate it.

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