Head and Neck

I got an email with the topic for my very first treatment planning exam.

Aside… A treatment planning exam is an oral exam where we get grilled on our management of patients from presentation to treatment and follow-up to help us practice for our licensing exams at the end of residency.  It can include basic questions right up to referencing why we do treatment in a certain schedule and where a target its. They start in third year, which is where I am now.  They are supposed to start off easier and get harder as time goes by.  At least in theory.

The site is “Head and Neck.”


My issue with this?

Head and neck is probably one of the most difficult sites to treat and master.

I mean, we don’t do much head and neck related stuff in med school or even the first two years of residency and then, bam!  I’m treating cancers there.

At least, I have for the last two and a half weeks of this rotation.

I like head and neck.  I have said it is likely a site I’ll want to treat.  That doesn’t mean I feel anywhere near confident in it.

And it is my first exam.

When I opened the email, I just cracked up laughing.

Apparently most people get something like bone metastases from another primary.  Nope, not me.

Maybe it will be more simple than it sounds.

But, I don’t feel optimistic.

It is going to force me to read more.  But, I really was hoping for a relaxing weekend home.

That is how life works.  And how residency works.

Learning is good.  Looking stupid is part of learning.  I just need to embrace that.

Thank goodness Dr. Bond gave me some notes and tips.

I just hope my examiners remember I’m just in third year.

12 thoughts on “Head and Neck

  1. Dear Dr, I had radical lung case. Don’t worry, at least you won’t eclipse my stupidity of last week! I think that one set a record. 🙂

    Don’t kill yourself studying. Enjoy your weekend at home.

    • Haha! We didn’t go home after all between that and us both having crazy weeks, we opted to stay home and relax. It was great!
      I had a radical T1N1 base of tongue.

    • Haha. Thanks for the encouragement.
      I feel like head and neck brings out that “ooph” reaction in most people in medicine (less those gunning for ENT).
      It went decently.

  2. At my school we have a rotation called Head Neck and Breast Surgery and it is one of the toughest ones we have. Partially also because it has super-scary attendings. Anyway, I can’t imagine having to do a TREATMENT PLAN for head and neck. Good luck. I know you’ll do great!

    • I can imagine that would be a tough rotation. Head and neck is bad enough, but breast is more complicated than it seems at first glance too. That would be crazy. And attendings make or break a rotation, so if they were scary, I can only imagine.
      It went well for my first exam of that sort. It is a learning curve to say the least.

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