The Happy In My Halloween

Today was a happy in my Halloween.

I managed to arrange for transfer for one of my patients.  It is always good to get people back to home hospital, but it is especially good when it also makes my day start off well.

I presented Morbidity and Mortality rounds today and people actually kind of participated.

It is Friday half day, which means an afternoon of lectures, which is tough at the best of times, but especially on Fridays.  This week, I was supposed to have Radiobiology from 4-5, which is the most potent form of educational torture there is.  Unfortunately, our instructor went home sick with the flu.  Fortunately, that meant we didn’t have that lecture and although it has to be rescheduled, I was glad to not sit through it at 4 on Friday.

Also in Friday half day, the radiologist who taught us an awesome head and neck lecture brought us Halloween candy.  And not just any Halloween candy… The good stuff with peanuts in it that can kill people but tastes soooooo good.

I realized in said head and neck lecture that I am finally beginning to figure out head and neck and knew things in the lecture.  It was an exciting “ah ha” moment for me.  And thank goodness it is starting to come together because I have a treatment planning exam this week and it is yet again on head and neck (the universe or at least my staff seem to hate me on this front).

Patrick and his class went on a field trip today and had a good party afterwards (complete with cookies he made last night).  I was impressed at his craftiness and ability to get through Halloween with a classroom full of third graders.

We went to a Mexican restaurant tonight for supper where I got to feed my most recent craving… Spicy chilli.  I love a good burrito.

It is Jeter’s “birthday.”  The anniversary of when we inherited him two years ago.  He threw up on the carpet for us when we got home from work and is now happily carrying around his new “birthday” replacement feather on a stick.

We are settling in for a night of watching Charlie Brown and other relevant specials while waiting for the kids that never come to our apartment. It is to bed early tonight for band and a day full of studying, house cleaning and a potential games night!

Happy Halloween!

4 thoughts on “The Happy In My Halloween

  1. Happy Birthday Jeter! I bet Philip would be just as excited about Jeter’s new feather on a stick…unless Jeter wasn’t there to play with 🙂 I am excited about your ‘head and neck’ learning and ‘ah ha’ moments! Honestly! It helps that I just finished reading an article (Friday night studying) on getting kids excited about learning:) You were a kid once and you got excited about learning and here you are still excited! Makes the teacher in me happy:) Oh, FYI: I was a bottle of white glue for halloween:) The kiddies loved it:)
    Happy Halloween!

    • Probably. PAtrick was. They destroyed it by the end of the weekend and it is now tied together haphazardly. Boys will be boys.
      I love that you were glue for Halloween! I’m impressed. Patrick was Woody from Toy story, except he was missing a vest and I joked he might get mistaken for a cowboy from Broke Back Mountain and sure enough, one of the other teachers said that was their second guess after Woody!
      Ah ha moments are good. I think everyone should be excited to learn!

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