Snow. Yay?

I got a text from a friend while I was getting ready for work this morning.  It read “SNOW!”

In the mornings, I stagger from my closed curtains bedroom into our windowless bathroom, so I exist in oblivion to the weather unless it is raining hard enough for our leak to drip or is windy enough to shake the windows or sunny enough to shine through the curtains (which is not likely at 7am where we live right now).  It has been unseasonably mild the last two days or so, and I live in a bubble in which I check the weather only  before venturing outside to catch the bus, so that wasn’t exactly on my radar.

Now, lets be realistic.  I live in Canada and it is Fall, so snow is a given.  But that wasn’t the shock factor.  The shock factor was my initial gut response…. “Yay!”


I don’t say yay to snow.  I’m more of a bah humbug, go away winter kind of person.  Usually I’m anti-festive until December and even then I get cranky if things are excessive.  I only like snow on the holidays not overlapping my travel plans (which it always does). The one thing I always love are Starbucks peppermint mochas and gingerbread lattes.  Mmmm.

But, that has been changing.  I started doing things like sending out cards (I need to buy my cards this year) and decorating.  I still don’t like excessive or commercialism, but I think because I am embracing the reason we celebrate, I am embracing the celebration more.

But moreso, I think friend is rubbing off on me too much.  And I’m okay with that.

So, I almost said yay to snow.  Not quite.  But almost.

6 thoughts on “Snow. Yay?

  1. Oh dear…I always say yay to snow! But that’s because I grew up without snow and I don’t have to shovel it now anyways…and there’s always the hope of a snow day:) he he. I check the weather every night before going to bed so I know what to wear the next day…but given where I live, that’s rather understandable;) Actually bringing a change of clothes everyday for all 4 seasons might even be wise ha ha!

    • You were deprived of the joy of snow as a child. And you still get the joy of the snow day now. It is kind of a nice combination of the two worlds.
      Where you live checking the weather is a necessity. It should be more of one for me here, but many days if I know PAtrick is driving me to the door at work and picking me up, my weather knowledge is almost a moot point. Bus days are key for knowing the weather in advance. I have definitely lost my weather tracking skill since moving and getting crazy hours and a nice chauffeur.

    • Ha! Good point. I feel like the best “yay” comes on either Christmas eve or Christmas day. Then, it can stop. Unfortunately, that is often when it is just getting going.

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