Water Pressure

The M household made an exciting household renovation this week.

We got a new shower head.

I know, we aren’t exciting at all.

Since we’ve moved in here (almost 3 years ago), I have noticed that there has been a small leak where our shower head connects to the pipe.  I also thought our water pressure sucked.

Thursday, when Patrick got home cold and wet from picking up our car from Canadian Tire in the rain/snow craziness that cancelled school for him (he only worked 2 days this week, lucky bugger), he decided to shower to get warm.  He tried to move the head and the hole got epically bigger.  Like non-usable bigger.

So, Patrick did what any good man would do, he Googled how to fix it and when he realized we didn’t have the appropriate plumbing tape, he tried electrical tape (it was stormy out).  Jeter helped.  They both got wet.

Thus, when Patrick picked me up from work that night, he informed me that we needed to make another trip to Canadian Tire.  I was concerned for the car.  But, no, it was because he wanted to replace the shower head (I’m pretty sure our building people would do it, but that would mean waiting a good day or two).

So, in the beginnings of storm of the week number 3 or 4 (depending on when you start counting), we trekked to Canadian Tire (which we have started calling CT for short because it came up in a few texting conversations this week). We selected a shower head (you would not believe the selection).

We came home and installed it.  Jeter supervised.  I got a bit wet, but only because I’m the fool who wanted to check out every setting while standing on the edge of the bathtub while Patrick kept worrying that I was going to fall.

The next morning, I had the best shower at home I’ve had since we’ve moved in.  Seriously.  I didn’t even fully realize what we were missing.  (Poor Jeter is down a leak to sneak water from, though).  It made the morning so much better (despite the heaps of snow and ice outside).

Then, today, I get a text from Patrick while I’m at the gym informing me of how awesome our shower is.  I know.  So freaking awesome.

So, that is our big excitement.  We have water pressure we didn’t even know we had!

9 thoughts on “Water Pressure

    • It is funny how a gradual change can make it not so apparent until things get fixed. I find it funny how oblivious we were to the potential for water pressure sooner.

  1. You never realise how much you appreciate a good shower until you go without one for a while 🙂 I’d forgotten how crap our shower at our old house was until we moved to where we are now – it’s got one of those fancy heads with all the spray options, and it’s AWESOME 🙂

    • Good showers are excellent! We got a pretty basic head just with 3 options, but it is still a big leap from the one before.
      I grew up in a house with just a bath tub, so when I moved somewhere with a shower when I went to med school, my mind was blown at how awesome getting daily showers was (instead of contorting myself in a bathtub).

  2. Common occurrence around these parts. I have lived at my rental paradise since 2005. Water pressure was always lackluster. The showerhead eventually gave out in 2013. The building manager would only replace it with their cheap alternative. I bought a shower head from Canadian tire for $12. Got a neighbor to install it for me. The most amazing water pressure was discovered including a hitherto unknown well of the ever elusive hot water. Jackpot!! 😁 I

    • I get why they don’t want to spend a ton on the shower heads. But, it is a super easy thing to replace. I wish I would have realized sooner that we could just switch it up.

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