24 Weeks!

Today is the magical 24 weeks.

Hello, “viability”!

What do I mean? I mean the point in gestation where most North American hospitals consider infants born to have enough potential to live that they will try to resuscitate them. It ranges from 22-26 weeks, but 23 or 24 is the point I was taught.  Plus, at 24 weeks, at least half of the little ones born survive with the help of modern medicine.

As a crazy medical person, this is significant. Because I like my kid and want to keep it around. And because I know how the medical system works and fear the choices I would have to make or have made for me before this point. And yes, there would still be tough choices now and even at 40 weeks. Things go wrong. I know too many bad things. But, I also know the probability of good things increases on a weekly basis from here on out.

So, hooray for babies the size of an ear of corn. Who kick and roll around and grow at a good pace. Who give their mothers lumberjack sized appetites.

I hope this little one keeps cooking.  Because we are literally nowhere near ready for a baby to actually be in the house.  And I still have rotations to finish (and have a (what some people consider) lofty goal of working to 40 weeks).  And like many others, I fear childbirth and want to put it off as long as reasonable.

On a related aside, I’m obviously not a photographic/blog pregnancy documentarian. Those sorts of posts were a strange mix of fascinating and heartbreaking to me before, so I am choosing to skip them.

But, this was a milestone I looked forward to most after the disappearance of the mind numbing morning sickness and the 20-ish week ultrasound. So, I thought I’d share my joy.

10 thoughts on “24 Weeks!

  1. YAAAAY! Congrats to you and hubby and BABY!!!! I’m so happy for you so far. I pray that baby will stay comfortable until week 40. As for working til week 40… you may be a little insane 😛 But I’ve never had to make that kind of decision, so you do you, dear. 🙂

    • The week 40 thing may be a bit insane, but my last 4 week rotation is a radiation planning rotation where I get to sit at computers all day with the physicists and dosimetrists. It was planned that way on purpose. Nothing involving clinical stuff or running around like a fool (actually, I am booked to be in the OR for brachytherapy procedures most of that month, but I might duck out if I’m too big/uncomfortable).

  2. Great post! Enjoyed it! So glad I’m not a doctor! Ignorance is bliss sometimes;) Got your email too but gotta get some masters work done so will reply later. Had some good laughs…thanks!

    • I agree on the ignorance is bliss thing. I think it is better not to worry about some of the foolishness that pops into my head!
      Happy working on your masters stuff!

  3. woo hoo! that viability date is so special. I think “There’s a chance! Even if I went in to labor, there’s a chance!” is such a freeing feeling. Congratulations! 🙂

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