Welcome Baby E (almost 8 weeks ago…)

So, eight weeks ago at about 4 in the morning I posted what was my last post with photos proving that I was actually pregnant.  I posted this post while timing contractions and hanging out with the cat.  That was just one of the bizarre things I did while in labour (more on that another time).

Eight weeks ago tomorrow at 5:13am we welcomed baby E into the world.    It took about 40 hours of labour, but once my water broke, the kid rushed on out… On my second day of maternity leave.  I wanted to make the most of my time off, so I guess starting to have contractions on my last day of work did that, although I was really hoping for a few days of rest before having a baby around.

Parenthood is awesome.  And hard.  The first week or two was more challenging both emotionally and physically than the four years of med school and 3 years of residency I survived (although very close to the few months of horrifying morning sickness combined with residency).

It is weird not working.  For the first week or so home, Patrick would ask me when I was going in the next day and I would have to think for a second.  I found it difficult to wrap my head around. But, the kid is a full time job in and of himself and I’m really glad I’m taking this time to hang out with him while he is so little.

E has obviously been taking up a ton of my time.  He is a hungry, but overall happy boy and is growing like a bad weed.

Now that we are getting into a better groove and our visitors and travels are starting to settle down, I hope to get back to writing.

13 thoughts on “Welcome Baby E (almost 8 weeks ago…)

  1. So cute. I love cuddling him! Really, he’s a total win in the cute department. Still wondering about the nose though, maybe a great, great somewhere back?

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