My first band concert (in a long time)

Today was my first band concert and what turns out to be almost 7 years!

I played my last band concert with the previous community band I was in in August of 2008 just before I started med school.  That was 6 and ½ years ago.

This makes me feel super old.

And so does this band sometimes.

As I said before, it is a “feeder” band and is mostly made up of junior high and high school students and their parents and then people like me who used to play in band but haven’t in a while.  So, the band that I often call the “good” band often calls us “the kids.”  Funny enough there is an age range in our band that I am smack in the middle of (although in near the older edge of that, I think).

The concert went fantastically.  The “good” band is AMAZING.  I could listen to them all day and they remind me of a somewhat better version of the band I played in in university.  The band I’m in played really well, and I think our sound was great even though many of our pieces are on the simpler side of things.

Patrick came and cheered me on like the awesome husband he is.

I remembered how much I missed performing in this kind of setting.  I’m so glad I am doing this and plan to keep on with it even after the baby and residency inclusive if both let me.

Also, speaking of baby and band, I am finally starting to look a little pregnant and not just fat.  As a result, I was stopped by an older man in the “good” band this afternoon on my way to the bathroom before the concert and he asked me if I was one of the kids in the 9am band.  I told him am in the 9am band (and refrained from the kid question).  And he asked again, are you one of the kids or are you older, so I told him I’m older, like way out of high school older.  He told me that was good because his wife pointed out to him that I was pregnant and they were concerned if I was a kid (or something like that… I was busy being puzzled by what was happening to get the exact wording).  I told him I’m happily married, have a career and am a good 10 years or more older than the “kids”.

It made me laugh pretty hard.  Partly because that was a bold statement (I could just be fat and I could be a teenager) and partly because I couldn’t believe that conversation really just happened.

Patrick took me out for a quick supper on the way home, so that I can spend my evening focusing on studying (and procrastinating while writing this blog post… whoops).

Mmm Bop.

On my way to work this morning feeling sleepy and cranky and then Hanson’s “Mmm Bop” comes on the radio.

I was like…

Image from

Suddenly today seems awesome!

Funny what a little circa 1990s Hanson can do.

Happy Thanksgiving.


I joined a band.

Not a cool, I’m a hipster singing with my banjo band.  Or a rock band.  Let’s face it… I love music, but I’m not that kind of awesome.

I joined a concert band.

Yup.  Bring back the band geek.

As I have said before on here, I am super in to music and play a few instruments.  In fact, I even went to band camp.

Unfortunately, med school ate my life.  As a result, I haven’t played in a formal band in about 6 years.  I also realized I haven’t played my saxophone (my first love) in at least 4.  Seriously.

I haven’t been happy with this trend.  I vowed I would pick it back up in med 4, but the travel got the best of me.  I said I would join something after my first year of residency, but given the fact that my program likes to basically force us to do not one, but two years of internship of sorts, that was near impossible.  My time is consumed by all kinds of things.  I might love music, but often I was too tired to go through the effort of getting stuff together to play.  Patrick was starting to get tired of me always saying I wanted to play but never playing.

But, now I am in the coveted R3 year.  That means I am on-service.  Which means I am insanely busy, but it also means my life is slightly more predictable.

So, I started looking into bands.  For living in a bigger city, this was no easy task.  Especially because the only band in town meets on a night I am often on call and isn’t looking for my instrument and wants people to be at almost every practice and concert (I agree this is a fair expectation, but anybody who knows anyone in residency knows that this is almost impossible).  So, then I looked in the surrounding areas.  I must say, some people really need to hit the internet era.  There were at least 2 groups with non existent or out of date web pages with no clear contact info.  Apparently word of mouth works for them.

I ended up finding out that a town about 25 minutes from my house has both a formal concert band made up of people from the city and surrounding areas.  They also have a “feeder” band called the 9am band.  This group is for anyone who has a year of band experience who wants to play music/become better musicians.  Anyone.  No specific instruments.  No big contracts.  No tryouts.

As someone who was studying high level band stuff, this is everything I never had.  And everything I want right now.

Confession… I cracked out my sax, Fuzzy, out for the first time last night.  Much to the horror of Jeter.  It is like riding a bike.  I’m a bit unsteady, but it all comes back so fast.  Music is like a language to me.

So, Fuzzy and I went to my first rehearsal this morning.

Yes, Saturday morning.  At 9 am.  And it is a half hour drive… Took me 40 minutes today because I got lost a million times.  The timing sucks, but Saturdays also means that I am only working that day one weekend a month and I still have the evenings to do homework or spend time with people and such.

The band was welcoming.  People were friendly.  It was a diverse group.  Mostly tweens and teens.  And probably their musical parents.  But also some older folks too.

The saxophone section consisted of a female tenor sax player and 6 altos including me.  I was the only girl.  There was a middle aged man.  3 boys that couldn’t be older than 14 and another boy just starting high school.  There were some wrong notes happening, but the good part is they are all playing and were happy to be there.

The music is mostly simple.  The songs range from really easy to some fun concert arrangements that would be on the easier side at the band I played with back home.  Apparently the concert band is really good and their easiest stuff is often closer to the hard stuff this one plays.  In a way, I want that.  In another way, I’m glad to start out slow.

I went in to this expecting it to take some time to get back in the groove.  I picked this as the group to try because it worked time wise and I had less guilt about commitment in a group with fewer concert commitments and less stringent requirements.

I loved it.  Sure, at times it felt like school again.  But it was so great to actually be playing in a group.

I had to laugh because I went in with no expectations except to play.  The kid next to me informed me he was a 1st sax.  This was funny to me because being 1st was such a big deal to me around that age.  It is an accomplishment.  It means you are often one of the better players of the section.  For me, it was a pride thing.  Today, I could care less.  Which is good because he informed me that I would probably end up being a 2nd because I’m new.  I’m just happy to play. Whatever.  But, I had to share music with him today, which did not thrill him.  And I confess, I did harbour some pride when we played a more complicated piece and I didn’t miss as many notes as he did (yes, I am a terrible person).

I think the Saturday mornings will be rough sometimes.  I think this is a very different group than some of the ones I have played with.  But, I think this is the right place for me.  Where I can shake the rust off and just simply enjoy the music again without the pressures that sometimes come with it in more “professional” groups.

I love enjoying the music again.  Sitting with my sax in the middle of a band feels like home (even in a room full of strangers).

Dance Party… Residents’ room edition.

Dr. Bond and I had a mini dance party in the residents’ room yesterday to this song.

Let’s face it.  It is an awesome song.  And dancing is great stress relief.

I am sure the social worker in the office next door thinks we are crazy.  That being said, I am pretty sure she already knows that by hearing some of our conversations across the office.

I have developed a new love for the website rdio.  Partly because the hospital hasn’t blocked it yet and partly because it lets me listen to various playlists and CDs without killing my phone or my pocketbook.

Yesterday was contouring to 50s and 60s music.  

A couple weeks ago, I was working on my research to Boomfalleralla by Afasi Filthy from The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack (ps the movie is almost as good as the book and the soundtrack is equally as good as the book.  I then went down a rabbit hole listening to more music from this Swedish group.  

Another day it was clinic prep to cover songs.

You get the picture.  I really like some background noise, especially when I am doing stuff requiring concentration.  Not everyone else does, but it works for me.  And it makes for some priceless “what are you listening to!?!?” moments, as well as the odd dance party.

Whatever gets the job done, I suppose.   

Twisted MixTape: So Long Songs

This is the last Twisted MixTape until the Fall. Thus, the theme is farewell/missing you. Check out the other entries in the blog hop at My Skewed View with Jen by following the link in the image below.

My Skewed View

Farewells are things that often kind of suck. Okay, they can really suck. As someone who existed in a perpetual long distance relationship for a number of years and then someone who lives far (though now much less far) from most of my family and some friends, farewells are things I am too framiliar with. On my Palliative Medicine rotation, I am partaking in some other farewells that have sad overtones of a different kind. That being said, farewells are bitter sweet, often with anticipation of a journey to come and sadness of missing people.

No wonder some great songs were written about all sorts of farewells and lonely people.

“I Don’t Know How To Say Goodbye” by Sam Phillips. If you are a semi-obsessive Gilmore Girls viewer, you may recognize this song from the show and the singer as one of the key music writers for the show. This song resonates with me because I am just plain not great at goodbyes.

“Olivianna” by JJ Heller. I really like Heller’s singer-songwriter thing. Her songs are real and this song was apparently based on someone she heard about who lost their daughter shortly after birth. It is a heartwrenching farewell that no person should have to live, but many do.

“Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd. The guitar alone in this song is worth a listen. The lyrics are pretty neat too. And yes, it talks about missing someone.

“I Miss You” by Blink 182. Missing you theme meet my teen angst years. This song is quite literally all about missing someone (they mention the phrase “miss you” repeatedly… In retrospect, it gets a bit annoying, but I still like the song). I like that it sings like a letter or phone call.

“So Long, Farewell” from The Sound of Music. Come on, I couldn’t do a farewell mix without closing with this delightful number. I may or may not sing it at various goodbye moments more than I probably should.

Twisted MixTape – Lyrics: the meaningful, the deep and the funny

I was really excited about this week’s Twisted MixTape. The theme is “these lyrics are genius!”

My Skewed View

I adore music. I love how changes in tone and rhythm combine to produce emotion. I also love when lyrics fit with the tone and rhythm to make a perfect combination and convey a greater message. Lyrics are poetry. I usually say I don’t like poetry, but I do love music lyrics. It is like the tune make them come alive for me.

“Say Something” by A Great Big World.

This song falls into the category of speaking my innermost thoughts and feelings. I thought the song was beautiful, even though the lyrics aren’t exactly crazy complex.   It was super popular right around the time I lost Elim. I remember hearing on the radio the first day I thought there was something wrong and that my pregnancy probably wouldn’t persist and realizing that this was, in a sense exactly what I was thinking and feeling about loss and control and how I would have done just about anything to save that little ball of cells.

Say something, I’m giving up on you

I’ll be the one, if you want me to

Anywhere, I would’ve followed you

Say something, I’m giving up on you

And I am feeling so small

It was over my head

I know nothing at all

And I will stumble and fall

I’m still learning to love

Just starting to crawl

Say something, I’m giving up on you

I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you

Anywhere, I would’ve followed you

Say something, I’m giving up on you

And I will swallow my pride

You’re the one that I love

And I’m saying goodbye

Say something, I’m giving up on you

And I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you

And anywhere, I would have followed you

Oh-oh-oh-oh say something, I’m giving up on you

Say something, I’m giving up on you

Say something

“What If Jesus Comes Back Like That” by Colin Raye.

This song has rocked my world since I was a kid. Whenever I hear it, it makes me think about my actions and inactions and how I really should respond. It always makes me go “hmmm” and reflect on a passage from Matthew 24:40-45, “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.  For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’ They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’ He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’”

He came to town on an old freight train

He jumped off in the puring rain

Everybody says he’s insane

Just a low down account hobo

He made his bed beneath the county bridge

The town folks said that’s not his

They signed a petition they’re gonna get rid

Of that low down no count white trash

What if Jesus comes back like that

On an old freight train in a hobo hat

Will we let him in or turn our back

What if Jesus comes back like that

Hey what if Jesus comes back like that

Born with a habit of drug abuse

She couldn’t help what her mama used

It wasn’t like she got to choose

Now she’s layin’ there all alone

Got a monkey on her back

Nurses say they never saw a smile like that

Doctor says she might stand a chance

If somebody takes her home

What if Jesus comes back like that

Two months early and hooked on crack

Will we let him in or turn our back

What if Jesus comes back like that

Oh what if Jesus comes back like that

Nobody said life is fair

We’ve all got a cross to bear

When it gets a little hard to care

Just think of Jesus hanging there

He came to town on a cold dark night

A single star was his only light

The baby born that silent night

A manger for his bed

What if Jesus comes back like that

Where will he find out hearts are at

Will he let us in or turn his back

Hey what if Jesus comes back like that

Yeh what if Jesus comes back like that

Will he cry when he sees where our hearts are at

Will he let us in or turn his back

Hey what if Jesus comes back like that

Oh what if Jesus comes back like that

“In Your Eyes” by Ben Harper.

These are lyrics that make me go “whoah.” Every time I listen, I get something different out of them and I still don’t fully get what he means with each line. Nonetheless, I do like the sentiment and feel like they are poetic.

Love, I get so lost, sometimes

Days pass and this emptiness fills my heart

When I want to run away
I drive off in my car

But whichever way I choose
I come back to the place you are

And all my instincts, they return

And the grand facade, so soon will burn

Without a noise, without my pride
I reach out from the inside

In your eyes

The light, the heat

I am complete

I see the doorway
to a thousand churches

The resolution of all the fruitless searches

Oh, I see the light and the heat

es, I want to be that complete

I want to touch the light

The heat I see in your eyes

Love, I don’t like to see so much pain

So much wasted and each moment is slipping away

I get so tired, working so hard for our survival

I look to these times with you, to keep me awake and alive

And all my instincts, they return

And the grand facade, so soon will burn

Without a noise, without my pride

I reach out from the inside

In your eyes

The light and the heat

I am complete

I see the doorway to a thousand churches

And resolution of all my fruitless searches

Oh, I see the light and the heat

Yes, I want to be that complete

I want to touch the light,

The heat I see in your eyes

In your eyes

In your eyes

“Between the Cracks” by John Mark MacMillan.

All of his music seems to have fabulous lyrics. Stuff that has layers and meaning and all of that good stuff. This song is no exception. It looks at the harsh realities of our world and contrasts it with hope and really, Jesus brand hope. I love the closing lines most of all.

In the downtown ghetto streets that contour
The government housing intentions of my heart
No one notices the daisies don’t care
About gang related violence
As long as they get enough air and water and sun
They’re all just fine
Who would’ve thought it but life is finding a way
Through this wasteland of cynics, concrete, and pain
There’s a man down here somewhere between
The Saturday cartooons and the dirty magazines
He’s raising the dead in the graveyards
Where we’ve laid down our dreams
His name is Hope
Hope stands high on the 15th floor
On a Christmas tree perched about the ledge of a fortress
A steel that’s trying to hard to be somebody’s home
As it sees my attention from I-85 though the throws of the day
Were still writhing inside
I lifted my head as I drove home that night and knew
Everything was gonna be fine
Who would’ve thought it but life is finding a way
Through this wasteland of cynics, concrete, and pain
There’s a man down here not worried or afraid
That some politician forgot all the promises he made
And he’s raising the dead in the graveyards
Where we’ve laid down our dreams
His name is Hope
Can you hear him outside he’s been singing all night
He’s saying when you gonna come out from behind
These paper thin walls, your cardboard box realities
Who would’ve thought it but life is finding a way
Through this wasteland of cynics, concrete, and pain
There’s a man down here not worried or afraid
That some politician forgot all the promises he made
And he’s raising the dreams in the graveyards
Where we’ve laid down our dead
His name is Hope

“Skinny Genes” by Eliza Doolittle.  

Now on a much lighter note compared to the first four songs in the mix (go out on a high, I say), this is a song that always puts me in a good mood whenever I hear about it. It is basically kind of about make-up sex and is just the right level of crazy that you have to laugh just a little at the overarching message and subtext of the whistling.

I really don’t like your point of view

I know you’ll never change

Stinging me with your attitude

I’ve got the mind to walk away

I really don’t like your arrogance

Or your policies

You’re ninety-nine percent an embarrassment

Of just wrong qualities

I don’t mind it when you [whistles]

Brings out the best in me when you [whistles]

Show your expertise

When the night always ends with a fight I’m excited

When you wind up next to me

I like it when you [whistles]

Can I have some please of that [whistles]

Satisfy my needs

Sometimes I fake that I hate you and make up

And you wind up next to me

I really don’t like your skinny jeans

So take them off for me

Show me what you’ve got underneath

So we can do this properly

I really don’t like the way you smile

When you think you’re right

But I will forgive you, the yoke is in the middle

And I’m chewing through the wire


I dreamt that you were on a train

And you were leaving, you were leaving

You made me think of what I’d miss

Do you believe it, you believe it

I don’t mind it when you [whistles]

Brings out the best in me when you [whistles]

Show your expertise

When the night always ends with a fight I’m excited

When you wind up next to me

I like it when you [whistles]

Can I have some please of that

Take off your skinny jeans

Sometimes I fake that I hate you and make up

And you wind up next to me

I dreamed that you were on a train

And you were leaving, you were leaving

Twisted MixTape: Most Played

This week’s Twisted MixTape with Jen from My Skewed View is a free for all.

My Skewed View


I was undecided as to where I was going with it and then I opened iTunes and it was organized according to the number of plays.  So, this is kind of a cop-out, but this is my top five most played songs for the last three years according to iTunes on my laptop.

“The Road” by Vocal Few.  It is actually pretty crazy this song is in the top five because I only bought the EP this song was on in August.  Clearly, I love the whole EP, but this is one of my favourites and it is cross-appointed on my running playlist, which means it gets additional play.

“Bennie and the Jets” by Elton John.  I must confess that I didn’t love this song for life.  I gained an affection for it after watching that scene from 27 Dresses where they sing it and butcher the lyrics while dancing on the bar.  I still sing the wrong lyrics.

“More Time” by Needtobreathe.  These lyrics blow my mind with the depth of meaning behind them.  They have gotten me through some pretty stressful and uncertain times and I am sure they will again.

“Mr. Medicine” by Eliza Doolittle.  I credit my discovery of this song to the Child winning the CD in a collection of CDs that most people would not have wanted and then giving me said collection for my birthday a few years ago.  Then, Patrick was going somewhere and the radio was sucking, as usual, so he popped this CD in and discovered the hilarity that is this gem.  We rock out to this song more often that is probably reasonable as a result (also, Patrick sometimes calls me Mrs. Medicine sometimes because of the song too).

“Don’t Look Back” by She & Him.  This is another song that gets more plays by virtue of also existing on the running play list.  I adore She & Him and this is just such a happy, keep moving forward song, I tend to play it for motivation for all kinds of things.

I was a bit surprised by a few of the songs and surprised others weren’t up there on this list, although they were close.

What is falling on your top 5 most played these days?  And over how long does that count span?



My new favourite morbid parody

It still isn’t Spring outside.

This week so far, the Respirology consult service I am covering has seen 11 new consults.  And, we’re following about 18 inpatients.

I have physics for the first time in weeks with the instructor who actually expects me to know stuff.  And the other resident is on vacation somewhere warm and is thus leaving me to fend for myself on my own.

To make me happy, I will share the song… The terribly morbid and kind of horrifying parody of a song I quite love.

The original song is “Do You Want To Build a Snowman?” from the movie Frozen.  

I know, there are a million parodies.  Yes, there are.  But I have only listened to a couple and  I feel like it will be tough to top this one… At least for me.

The parody is “Do You Want To Hide a Body?”  Yes.  True story.  What better to sing and laugh about on a crazy day?

I am a bit of a terrible person.

Listen to it to the very end to get the full effect of the morbid funny and epic creepy.

Twisted MixTape: Snippets From My Life’s Soundtrack

This week’s Twisted MixTape is one that has me a bit excited and yet a bit boggled.  The mix is supposed to be the soundtrack to my life, but this brings me to ask the question does it mean the soundtrack as in the songs that best describe my life, the soundtrack as in the songs I would expect to hear played in the background if my life were a movie or the soundtrack as in the songs that were actually being played with a certain memory?

I settled on a kind of dual option being the last two choices.

My Skewed View

I remember many things based on songs (I am pretty sure I have written on that previously).  I can recall what song was playing with a certain memory or what song goes with a certain event.  So, that is what I will go with.  A few key life events and the songs that go with them in chronological order.  I will try not to repeat from previous posts where I have kind of done that before.

When I was a little kid, I had an obsession with the Dirty Dancing soundtrack (and yet I only saw the movie for the first time in my mid-twenties).  I used to insist on my parents playing it over and over again in the car.  We went for a lot of drives, so that was a lot of that cassette.  This song reminds me of riding in the car seat and eating ice cream with the cone separate (because I liked ice cream in a bowl but wanted the cone too).  The song is “Love Is Strange” by Mickey & Sylvia.

In junior high, I went through a super teen angsty phase where I listened to a lot of music that was pretty depressing and yet also rocked the whole boy band era too. I had a friend who had a less than healthy obsession with Our Lady Peace, so much of their late 90s music is the soundtrack to some of my summer memories going swimming at a lake by her house and playing N64.  Thus brings us to the next song, “Naveed” by Our Lady Peace.

I spent the summers of my high school years either attending or teaching at cadet band camp.  Yes, this is solid evidence of my coolness at this era.  While at band camp, we had one officer who introduced us to the Arrogant Worms.  Our camp was located on a base in a farming area where we would often start parades in farmers’ fieldsWe learned the words to this song and would sing it everywhere, including as a group on stage at a concert at a theme park.  Given the farming, the song is, of course “I Am Cow” by the Arrogant Worms.

When I was doing Nuclear Medicine, we were a tight knit gang of odd balls who did everything together whether it be a field trip to Taco Bell, a game of catch in the community college or hospital parking lot or a road trip to a conference.  That also meant we listened to a lot of music.  A couple of us were big music geeks and would bring in or create mixes or pick CDs for certain trips.  One of our consistent obsessions was Ben Harper because one of the guys ordered the album in early and we literally had it the day it was released.  The most played song (either during lunch or one of our many random adventures) was one that was both musically interesting and hilarious lyric-wise “Please Don’t Talk About Murder While I’m Eating.”  My main memory of this song involves throwing our class balls (because every class of 6 adults needs multiple balls to play with) at the wall of the office next door to our classroom to avenge the secretary’s loud personal conversation that went down during our exam earlier that morning.

One of my friends in med school was obessessed with Coldplay.  Obsessed.  As a result, almost always when you were in the car with her, that is who we would listen to.  We studied together, lived a few blocks apart and carpooled to school where possible and did some electives in Med 4 in the same city around the time Mylo Xyloto was released and that was almost all we listened to.  In fact, we once drove four hours and only listened to Coldplay.  We also went to see Coldplay live in Italy together.  Whenever I hear “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” by Coldplay, I think of driving in her very small car with no air conditioning down the highway with the windows down and singing this song at the top of our lungs to clear out the stress of CaRMS applications.

What are some songs from your life soundtrack? 

Twisted MixTape: Guilty Pleasures… I have far too many.

I have a pretty mixed bag of music on my iTunes (and a more limited mixed bag on my phone because I am having terrible problems syncing properly without randomly losing songs).  Some of that music I am pretty proud to share with everyone.  But, a good chunk of it is kind of embarrassing for me to have at least certain people hear.

My Skewed View

This week’s Twisted MixTape with Jen over at My Skewed View is all about our guilty pleasures – songs or bands you hate to admit you love.  I am all over that (especially because I need something a bit lighter right now).

“Sold” by John Michael Montgomery.  I have a thing for country music.  Particularly that of the 90s that I grew up on.  This song was, for some odd reason on the only modern computer in my elementary school (with Windows 95!) that happened to reside in my grade 5 classroom for the last half of the year.  We listened to it a lot.  I know all the words.

“Complicated” by Avril Lavigne.  Yes, Avril Lavigne.  Now married to the frontman of Nickleback.  Ah, Canadian embarrassment at its finest.  I really liked this song and, heck, the entire CD when it came out (I was 16, in my defense).  It still brings me back.

“Starships” by Nicki Minaj.  She kind of annoys me, but this song really pumps me up, so it exists on my running playlist and I run to it enough that it makes my 50 most played list right now.  Plus, it brings back memories of my med school graduation reception (classy bunch, we are) and rocking out with my niece and nephew (and changing the volume because I though that we had the unedited version and I didn’t want to give them back to their parents singing the actual words).

“Lucky” by Britney Spears.  Ah, the ex-Disney people.  I have many songs by ex-Disney stars than I really should as an adult.  This was one of my favourites as an emo teen.  I now crack this number out in the car and do actions while Patrick drives.  Such a sad song, but such terrible writing just brings sheer hilarity.

“Rama Lama Ding Dong” by The Edsels.  I LOVE this song.  I sing both the bass and the falsetto, sometimes in the same line.  Sure, it is old and sure, it is cheesy, but I just can’t get enough.

I am sure if you looked at my music collection you would agree this only scratches the surface of the awfulness and awesomeness that comes from the most embarrassing corners of my music collection.  It makes me happy, though (well, some of it is there because it makes Patrick happy too).

What are some songs or singers you like and don’t really like to admit it?