Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

This week’s photo challenge with the Daily Post is entitled “Spring.”

I love Spring and this weekend (once I got back from the conference, things actually started looking Springish.  We went out on the deck (cat and all) for a BBQ and to enjoy some nice sunshine and enough warmth to stay out for a bit without a coat.  I hope this is a sign of many such Sunday afternoons to come.

IMG_0027 IMG_0029 IMG_0035


Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

This week’s photo challenge with the Daily Post is called “Monument.”

Monuments are pretty cool.  I like seeing the famous ones, but sometimes, it is the local and the functional that I find really fascinate me.

Maybe because I come from a costal town and maybe because I love being near the water.  Maybe because I am practical.  But, I think lighthouses are kind of cool when they are still in their natural location and still doing something.

Last Spring, Patrick and I went on a field trip to visit a tourist spot where there is a lighthouse.  We discovered it is pretty popular. It was built almost 100 years ago and a lighthouse has been on that spot for almost 150 years.  That is pretty old, especially for a lighthouse that gets hammered by wind and sometimes waves day in and out..

IMG_3880 IMG_3898

Stereotypically city

I have been joking that I am becoming a true member of our new city we live in.  It is kind of funny because up until a few years ago when I started the whole medicine thing, this city was a place Patrick swore he didn’t want to live in.  However, it was one of the smallest places I can do my residency in.  And one of the closest to home.  That helps things feel better.

This week I did a few things that I consider stereotypical based on what I see.

I took the bus.  A greener mode of transportation.

We went on a field trip to one of the biggest tourist spots locally.  A veritable must-see if we are in the area.

We walk everywhere we can.  To a pub for supper, to a coffee shop to study, to the gym to work out, to church and to explore.

I walked home from work after getting off strangely early.  On the way, I stopped at Pete’s Frootique, a local grocery store that is rather popular.  It sells delicious fresh produce, but also hosts some organic baked goods and lots of fresh meat.  I bought steak, organic bread sticks and organic eggplant (organic is key… very trendy in these parts).  I then got a smoothie and walked the rest of the way home to make a BBQ for myself and the spouse.  It seems like something people around here tend to do.  It is a very “hipster” thing to do.  The only criminal thing I did was that I did not have a reusable bag and had to get plastic for my items.

The Child and I went to a Crafter’s Fair this weekend where I bought a locally made tray (conveniently from a member of my small group).  Stuff like markets and fairs featuring local, organic or unique things are very trendy here (I know, they are probably cool everywhere, but it is particularly noticeable here).

Crafter's Fair

Patrick went on a field trip to free comic book day at a comic book store just down the road.

We walked to what was called one of the “best” ice cream places in town for a frozen treat and then ate it in the park (okay, that is more a Springish thing to do in any city).IMG_0597

I feel like the only big things left are to ride a bike around town (not likely, I feel my biking skills are not compatible with riding safely on streets) and ride the harbour hopper (I know there is much more).

While trying to be all “local,” I have spotted some interesting things.

Last week, I saw two guys carrying a couch over their heads down a busy street.  They greeted me as they walked by.  Probably because I was staring and considering whipping out my phone to get a picture.

Today, while on our Saturday morning adventures, the Child and I saw a storm trooper walking down the street.  He was somewhat terrifying as he crossed the street in front of us.  She managed to snap a picture.

Yes, Child I stole your photo from Facebook.

Yes, Child I stole your photo from Facebook.

Almost a year in and still settling, but I am glad I can get some good entertainment from the experiences.  I may make fun of it by times, but I am liking the new lifestyle and the locale.

Adventures at the Cove

Today, Patrick and I took advantage of the sunshine, semi-warmth and a day off to go exploring some of the nearby beauty.  We went for a stereotypical Sunday drive and eventually stumbled upon this lovely spot where I took more pictures than I can reasonably post on here.  I must also add I am proud I did not further break my neck on the adventure.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

This week’s photo challenge with the Daily Post is called “Lost in the Details.”

I chose pictures from our first visit to see the iceberg last year in the Spring time.  The day was grey and misty, but t seemed to bring out the blue undertones of the berg.  I took several different angles and such and each one seems unique in some way.

IMG_0929 IMG_0947 IMG_0948 IMG_0949

We went back a few days later at sunset on a clear day and these were a few of the shots I got.

IMG_1019 IMG_1021 IMG_1023 IMG_1050

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

This week’s weekly photo challenge from the Daily Post is entitled “Reflections.”

The photo I chose is one from our adventures to go see an iceberg last Spring. The iceberg was caught in an inlet near a very small fishing community in St. John’s.  It is a beautiful place all of the time, but especially near sunset with the iceberg in town.   The little red fishing shanty and shoreline reflected remarkably in the strangely still waters.IMG_1000

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The hike

Terra Nova National Park was one of the places on our Newfoundland to do list.  We drive through it whenever we make the across the island trek to the ferry, but never seem to have time to stop.

This time, however, we were staying at cabins very nearby (okay, pretty much in the park), so when the sun miraculously came out, we decided to go for a nice 7km hike.

The hike was beautiful.  Lost of views of the ocean and lots of hiking through dense forest.

Though the trail had boardwalk type areas over especially damp regions, it was quite muddy from days of rain previously.  I hasn’t yet been cleared for this year’s season, so we found ourselves climbing over and under many fallen trees.

The trail ended at a nice grassy clearing with a small path down to a beach.  We enjoyed the beautiful ocean scenery, as well as a brook feeding into the harbour.  There may also have been some frisbee played… And the frisbee may have almost been lost to the ocean.

We posed for a group picture at the halfway point.  We are all very content.  We weren’t quite as happy looking when we came out.  But we were all glad we went and had a great time.

Quidi Vidi

There are often beautiful places near your back door.

The Quidi Vidi village area that has been inundated with iceberg watchers (see posts about icebergs here and here) is one of those places.  The icebergs are really just a small piece of the beauty that is there everyday.

The village, practically in St. John’s, continues to have the quaint fishing village look and feel complete with narrow streets, fishing shacks and the characteristic scenery famous in Newfoundland.

Icebergs at the golden hour

The iceberg is still in the harbour, but shrinking.  It looked different over just the span of a week from when I saw it last (refer to this post with pictures of the iceberg previously)

A few of us went back yet again to get a good look at it and take some pictures during what my photography savvy friend called “the golden hour.”  That being, the time about an hour before sunset.

She was right… It was an absolutely gorgeous time to take pictures of the iceberg.


Interesting random fact… It snowed 10cm the morning of the day these pictures were taken.

I cannot get over how big and amazing the icebergs are.  They really remind me how small we all are.