Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art

This week’s photo challenge with the Daily Post is called “Work of Art.”

When I was in high school, I took this required course as a part of the International Baccalaureate program called Theory of Knowledge.  I guess you could liken it to philosophy, but basically it was examining our ways of knowing.  In one big section of this course, we discussed art.  What makes art, how we perceive art.  It made my head hurt, but at the same time, it was really cool because it got me thinking.

I am not a big visual arts person.  Funny that I say that as I participate in yet another photo challenge (what can I say, I like looking at other people’s pictures and it is fun to mix things up on the blog).

When we were in New York earlier this year, Patrick and I went to the Museum of Modern Art.  There, I asked repeatedly, “Is this really art?” and sometimes “WHY!?!?”  I marvel at the beauty of some images, but others boggle my mind.  I was happy to leave that place.  I saw as much or more beauty in the Natural History museum, Body Worlds or even just looking at the architecture around town.

That is the thing with art, though.  Art is in the eye of the beholder and is not consistently agreed upon.

The art I am choosing is from the trip.  It wasn’t the stuff that was found in a museum that caught my eye, though.  It was the art on the side of an overpass. The colours and the background of brick make this art that really catches my eye (so much so that it is currently my desktop background).  It makes me feel happy.  It makes me think of protection (because of the watchful eyes of the owls).


Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

This week’s photo challenge with the Daily Post is entitled “Masterpiece.”

I feel like I have seen many masterpieces.  From the beauty of nature to art in the Louvre, our vacations have taken us to see all kinds of awesomeness.

One of my most memorable adventures from our trip to Europe last summer was to see a Leonardo DaVinci exhibit at the Queen’s Gallery containing many of his anatomic drawings.  They were really amazing, particularly in the way they showed the intricacy of the human body in such beautiful form.

When I did anatomy as a med student, we worked a lot with cadavers.  I found it fascinating how we are all stuck together, but I lack the patience to really enjoy dissecting or identifying structures.  I am grateful for people like this that did it for me.  And with a much better artistic product that I could produce.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

This week’s photo challenge is entitled “Culture.”

I find culture a perplexing concept because one person can have many cultures in a sense and yet they kind of all combine to make that person’s individual culture.  The first thing that comes to mind for me is the culture of a nation.  The second this is a culture of bacteria (not quite the same thing).  And the third is the notion of being “cultured” in the arts and such.

I am going with the third definition today… And with that definition comes a few photos of us being “cultured.”