Its the 24th of May and we likes to get away

Its the 24th of May and we likes to get away.

I am homesick this weekend.

Homesick for my med school friends.  Homesick for the place where my school was.  Where the May long weekend, or May 2-4 as it is fondly known, was celebrated with roadside camping and epic barbecue parties.   Our class always went out of town to have a big celebration en mass.  It was one of the few parties and things we all went to (even the quiet ones like me).

We might have studied hard, but we partied hard too.  And this was probably one of the biggest submersion in local culture things for me and many others.

This long weekend, I have physics to study, hockey to watch and a still sore toe.  We can’t have a huge adventure.  Despite that, it is a good day for an outside BBQ and relaxing on the deck.  Tomorrow, I am insisting we go on a road trip.  Because it is May 2-4 and that is what should be done (although I am very okay with not camping in a gravel pit… Plus, that is totally not socially acceptable where we live now).

You just wouldn’t believe, you just wouldn’t even know…

Some friends of mine and I have this inside joke saying “You just wouldn’t believe, you just wouldn’t even know.”  Sounds normal enough.

You see, we were on a camping trip (at a campground in our own city) when a couple of our other friends stopped by.  One of them went into the tent to find something without a flashlight and started screaming, “It’s so dark in here, you just wouldn’t even believe, you just wouldn’t know.”  It was hilarious.  Partly because we all could believe, partly because of who said it and partly because of how loudly the person was screaming this at 1 in the morning in a family campground.

From then on, whenever something obvious or not so obvious would happen, one of us would sometimes state a “you just wouldn’t believe, you just wouldn’t even know.”  This could be in reference to something as simple as darkness or as huge as something epic happening in our day.

We haven’t said it a whole lot lately, but something in physics class made me think of it today (clearly, looking back on the past two months , some of my best Thursday thoughts come out of physics class – see here and here).

You see, we were learning about treatment planning, namely the physics behind CT scanners and talking about how quickly the x-ray source and detector can spin around the patient.  We were saying how it would be cool in theory if the casing for the scanners was clear, so you could see it (the problem being this would totally freak patients out).  They are fast “like you just wouldn’t even believe, you just wouldn’t even know!” We then watched this video to

The even crazier part to us (beyond how fast that thing spins at top speed) is that 50,000 other people in the world have watched this video.  I know compared to some other videos on the site (like Gangam style that has 500 million hits – we checked) it isn’t much, but for a weird CT related nerd video, that is huge.  “Like, you wouldn’t even believe, you just wouldn’t even know” kind of huge.

Other big win from physics today is that I remembered to bring my coat, so I didn’t freeze completely.  Oh, and because I had half day this afternoon and there was a clinic the other residents didn’t want to go to in the morning I got to go to clinic and half day and someone else covered the floor calls. That made me happy “like you wouldn’t even believe, you just wouldn’t know”!

There are other nerds out there.  I believe and I know.  But it is still fun to say that other phrase!