Evil Genius

Sometimes I feel like an evil genius. Not for especially good reasons either.

Image from cryhavok.org.

I feel like I beat the whole world because I took an in- lieu day and a couple vacation days to make an extra long weekend in early December to do all of that festive stuff that I need to get done.

It has become my routine during residency. The last few years, I took one day to get most of my shopping done. You see, I hate shopping at the best of times, and when Christmas comes and the crazies come out, it induces a kind of rage in me that is kind of terrifying.  So, I take a day off during the week and try to hammer out all my shopping while at least some of the crazies are at work.  This year, with the parasite, I decided it might take me an extra day or two and that I might have other stuff to do, so I took an extra couple days.

And thus, I hammered out all of my shopping, Christmas card writing and helped decorate the church plus I’m considering even doing some gift wrapping (if I can find last year’s wrapping paper…) before heading back to the world of work.

I even caught up on Grey’s and some other stuff I have been meaning to watch and cleaned out my closet! I may or may not have cried during both (for different reasons… I blame the tiny human).

Take that consumerism, festiveness and life! I can be festive and not want to die (it is sad how big of a deal that is to me).

Image from degrassiwikia.com. Interesting that this is from the Degrassi wikia page but is clearly a Boy Meets World scene… Fail internet. Fail.

“Anniversary” antics

So, I wrote a post about how awesome my husband is here.

He is still awesome.  

Our “anniversary”, got ever so slightly less awesome, though.  Although it is a good story.

So, as I said before, our real anniversary isn’t until Friday, but I’m on call this weekend and Patrick’s brother is visiting, so we figured it is just a day, so we’ll celebrate early.

We were leaving town to go out to grab coffee and then supper and (surprise!) Inn (that I have been wanting to check out since we first drove past it a couple years ago) for the night when we stopped for a car stopping in front of us (on what is a really busy main city street).  I watched the van behind us stop just in time.  I then heard a car run into said van and said van ran into us.

Happy Anniversary, you’ve just been rear-ended.  In fact, you are the front car of a three car pile up.

Nobody was hurt, thank goodness.   Chuck wasn’t hurt either.  He just had a couple scratches on his bumper that buffed right out.   The van and the car behind us on the other hand were pretty dented up, but still drivable.  So, we had to wait for the police and the “quick” reports that took almost an hour.  

How festive.

And only minutes from the nearest Starbucks.  I could have walked there, but instead I just stood there and played 2048 (awesome game, by the way) and listened to the one of the passengers from the van behind us and the guy driving the car who hit us all catch up because as it turns out, they were neighbours (we seriously learned all the neighbourhood gossip from the old dude who had a heart attack the other night to who is going to college where). 

So, eventually, we get sent on our way and grab coffee and go get supper.  

I promptly feel terribly sick after supper.  It shouldn’t be that surprising, I wasn’t feeling well the day before or even that day, but it hit me like a ton of bricks after I ate (timing is impeccable).  It was bad enough Patrick had to go buy me Gravol.  And he had gotten us a room with a jacuzzi as a part of some last minute special.  We spent much of the night with me curled up hyperventilating (sometimes a change in your PaCO2 will alter vomiting signal in your brain… I really hate throwing up) and watching the Muppets movie (thankfully, this is one of Patrick’s favourites).  

Happy Anniversary.

I eventually felt well enough that I though the worst had passed and decided we should try out that jacuzzi.  Because that was a selling point for Patrick.  And because we were there now.  And I already ruined most of the night.  I hate hot water.  Between that and being still sick, I almost passed out.

Happy Anniversary.

The place we stayed was actually really nice and had a pool (that we didn’t use) and a good restaurant (that I feel I didn’t get to thoroughly enjoy).  I would like to one day go back not sick and not sore from being run into an enjoy it.  And getting to chill with the spouse and watch Muppets was actually a good night minus the blinding nausea.

We spent Saturday going for a short drive, then napping and reading until Child and D came over for games.  It was a much better day, even if I still wasn’t feeling great.   I read 2 books and we tried out our new Wii game.

If I believed in karma, I would say it was karma for winning rock paper scissors to get our own cabin when we were away last weekend (because we were one of two couples not doing anything special just the two of us this summer) and then going “away” for our anniversary after all (at least that is what my guilty conscience says).

Patrick joked that for 5 years, we just really wanted to give the “for better, for worse” and “in sickness and in health” thing a good run for its money.

Either way, it makes for a good and memorable story.

Its the 24th of May and we likes to get away

Its the 24th of May and we likes to get away.


I am homesick this weekend.

Homesick for my med school friends.  Homesick for the place where my school was.  Where the May long weekend, or May 2-4 as it is fondly known, was celebrated with roadside camping and epic barbecue parties.   Our class always went out of town to have a big celebration en mass.  It was one of the few parties and things we all went to (even the quiet ones like me).

We might have studied hard, but we partied hard too.  And this was probably one of the biggest submersion in local culture things for me and many others.

This long weekend, I have physics to study, hockey to watch and a still sore toe.  We can’t have a huge adventure.  Despite that, it is a good day for an outside BBQ and relaxing on the deck.  Tomorrow, I am insisting we go on a road trip.  Because it is May 2-4 and that is what should be done (although I am very okay with not camping in a gravel pit… Plus, that is totally not socially acceptable where we live now).

All Things Green, Patricky or Snake-ish… A St. Patrick’s Day Post

Today is Patrick’s favourite day… St. Patrick’s day… Or as he was calling it today on Facebook, “St. Me Day.”

I would like to point out that I dug out a green sweater to wear today (that and it was a warm sweater and it is often cold in church).  I feel like that is leading me to embrace some of the Irish culture I married in to.  I would also like to point out that my very Irish husband is not wearing green, but teal… A color that is more akin to blue in my opinion, although I will give him the green undertones thing.

For more green fun, I have a friend who made green pancakes today.  And apparently some folks dyed a Chicago river green (that, my friends, is a lot of food colouring).

Our cake looked like this before it baked… Except slightly darker… And much darker on the way out. Image via jennicanknit.blogspot.ca.

Speaking of food colouring… Once, when I was 11 or 12, my friend V and I were at her house and decided to bake a cake from scratch.  So, we found a recipe for a white cake.  But, we thought said white cake would be more fun if it were not white.  So, we dyed it my favourite colour at the time, green.  Except we got a bit keen on the food colouring, so it turned out to be a really, really dark green… Like garbage bag coloured.  Then, she picked her favourite colour for the icing… Pink.  We were scared of it turning red, so we were so easy on the red food colouring it was a flesh-tone sort of pink.  We presented it to her parents after supper and could not figure out why they weren’t super game on eating it.  As I recall, it looked disgusting.  And I don’t even like white cake that much, but I thought it was pretty good.

For some Irish flair to today’s post, I present to you the “Leprachaun Brothers” singing “O Danny Boy.”  You just have to love the Muppets!

This little diddy made me laugh through all kinds of tough times (well, Patrick finding it on YouTube and playing it for me did).  One of my med school friends and I used to sing this at times each taking one of the characters and doing the harmonies.  Sometimes it was sporadic, but other times it was brought on by this hymn we sang in choir at the palliative care memorial services that was to the same tune.

In other St. Patrick’s day related stuff, he apparently drove snakes out of Ireland.  I just thought I would take this random post full of unrelated stuff to share about how I watched a snake hunter show the morning of my wedding with my parents in their bed at 6am.  And my mother, who is terrified of snakes freaked out repeatedly.  What a way to spend some of my last hours of single-ness.

We had a friend in high school who had a pet snake.  I wanted to borrow it sometime.  She assured us the only time it bit was if you happened to smell like a mouse.  Pro-tip… Don’t ever smell like mouse in the presence of a snake.

Lastly, the name Patrick makes me think of two things besides my husband… And neither of them are the day.  Both are commercials from the 90s.  One is a life insurance commercial in which a son (Patrick) calls up his Dad to report he took out life insurance.  We always used to quote this line, “Patrick took out life insurance!  Good for you, son!” at Patrick when we first met him.  The other is a Canadian Heritage moment about how we got some good Irish names. 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

“Special” Days

It is Pi Day!  Happy Pi Day to all the nerds like me out there.  Pi is my second favourite irrational number with my first favourite being Euler’s number.  I wrote about this whole number thing in this post.

Today was also first day on yet another new service day, as well as first Gyne-Onc call shift day.  I like Pi Day better.  Although, at least this service has oncology in the name.  That makes it seem a bit more relevant.

Patrick likes to inform me at random about days that are entitled ___ Day.  He just out of the blue will say, “Hey, did you know it is Women’s Day (or Talk Like a Pirate Day, etc.).”  When we were dating, he would occasionally send me festive e-cards for a particular “day.”  Once, thanks to a very big ecard error in dates, I received an ecard he had sent me on a completely different date over a year earlier on a completely unrelated day.  It was for something not quite so obscure like St. Patrick’s Day, so I just thought he was being weird.  Turned out, the internet was being weird.

I am not a festive person, but having random days for things can be kind of fun.  At least sometimes.  At other times, it is just plain annoying.

For instance, my birthday is apparently “Hug Holiday.”  What the heck?  I hate hugs (for the most part).

Today is not only Pi day, but also National Potato Chip day and Learn About Butterflies day.  Fascinating.  I feel we need to go out and pick up a bag of chips after work… I like chips better than pie and it will make call better.

The other night was my last Internal Medicine call (big win!).  I had a suspicious feeling it would be eventful for a number of reasons, including that my parents were visiting and I wanted to go out with them the next day, but also that, well, it was my last call.  Apparently, it was not a full moon, but people were all squirrely and doing things like leaping out of bed and breaking hips and all sorts of colorfulness.  I deemed it the night of delirium, though I could have also called it more interesting names like the night of the walking (er… falling) confused or last call, but really delirium was the biggest trend.  Such is medicine call.

When I was in Nuc Med, this one time, we had a bunch of renal scans, which are a bit more labour intensive than your usual bone scans and cardiac scans (at least in that it involves a different radiopharmaceutical) and we deemed it renal day.  We also once had a technologist appreciation day during which all of the students baked stuff and shared it with the techs that helped teach us… It could also have been called find an excuse to eat excessive baked goods day.

This weekend, this small theatre locally is playing old-school To Kill a Mockingbird for a discounted rate.  I really want to go see it and keep reminding Patrick about it.  I am calling it To Kill a Bird weekend… Because that is what I called the book in high school.  And I need to pretend the weekend is special somehow, even though that will really only be a two hour block of time and it kind of sounds morbid.

If I had to pick a day that is “official,” I think, at this point I would choose either July 13, “Embrace Your Geekness Day,” or July 15 “Cow Appreciation Day.”  Although, close runners up would be November 6, “Saxophone Day,” May 14, “National Dance Like a Chicken Day,” or September 29, “National Coffee Day.”  The good thing is that they all fall on separate days, so I can theoretically legitimately celebrate all of them!

Festive on Canada Day

Today is the birthday of my home and native land (to quote a piece of the song).

It is Canada day and although I am not a particularly festive person, I am strangely festive today.  Not that I am normally, but this is a bit of a freak accident.

This morning, I showed up to church in full on red and white.  There, I was complimented by a sea of people on my festiveness.  “What festiveness?”, I asked.  Well, the fact that I was wearing red and white.

This, however, was unintentional.  I merely picked out a dress that I liked for church.  And it happened to be red and white.

I stuck out because for some reason, I was the only person in the entire choir dressed so festively.

The bandanas on the choir were kind of like the one on this dog, but not quite the exact same. Picture 30ish people, the youngest 16, the oldest 80ish with the mean age being about 70 wearing these suckers.
Image from thimblesbobbinspaperandink.blogspot.com.

This is unlike the year that the entire church choir was forced to wear matching Canada day bandanas.  I am glad that hasn’t happened again.

On another note… Did you know the anthem O Canada actually has four verses… Not just the one that we sing everywhere, but four more.  The same year we had matching bandanas, we also sang the sucker in its entirety.  Be glad we only us the one verse.  Be very glad.

It was also the Child’s wedding shower.  Okay, it was her third shower.  But nonetheless, it was after church.  Her colors are black and red.  And, in this case, everything was again red and white (because it is difficult to come by black stuff this time of year).  She joked that everyone would just assume they were being festive.

Tonight, my cousin’s band is playing in a music festival thing on the boardwalk.  There are many other bands and fireworks.  Patrick is obsessed with fireworks.  He once left a party by himself to go see the fireworks.  So, we are going to said festivities.  They are technically for Canada day, so again, we are being festive.

I am not against celebrating.  I love this country we live in.  Heck, I travelled across this monstrosity for the CaRMS tour and loved the places I saw. I am grateful that we are free in this place to choose where we live, who we associate with and what we believe.  I just find it funny that we only celebrate on one day.  And that on that one day, we generally party like fools.  I much prefer to just be grateful all the time and skip the foolishness.

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