Weekend library

This weekend, I hit up the big-university-that-my-residency-is-based-out-of’s library.  I love libraries and this one is no exception.  It was also surprisingly empty.  I blamed first week back to school.  The next day, Patrick and I checked out our city’s newest big fancy library and I figured out where all the students were (and half the city, I swear)… In the library.

My university library adventure was brought about due to a need for massive productivity.  Lots of presentations, studying and prep for interviews on the go these days.  My project of the day (really, this past week) has been a presentation on cannabis in cancer care.  Yes, medical marijuana.  Patrick keeps making note of how crazy that is.

It was too bad my presentation got postponed due to a scheduling blip.

The other odd part about university library is hot.  I have never been in a university library that was warm.  They are always cold.  I think they were compensating for the cold snap earlier in the week and had failed to return the heat to the usual “cool” level.  Big city library was hot too, but it was due to the droves of people (that I kept complaining “probably didn’t even really like books”).

Since coffee has finally stopped inducing vomiting, I got a hot beverage before going in to the library (I should have picked a cold beverage).  I tried a Flat White for the first time.

Life lesson… If you have been off caffeine for awhile and your fetus is not used to caffeine, a flat white is an interesting place to start (don’t judge me, “no caffeine during pregnancy puritans”).  The kid bounced around for a good hour or two after that.  It took me a while to figure out why.  I must say, it was pretty good, but to be honest, not something I would hunt down again (especially not during pregnancy).

Big city library has a cafe in it too.  It is a dream to me.  Library with built in cafe.  I just need to get rid of the droves of people.

While at university library, I was peacefully reading crazy details about the intricacies of taking marijuana when a piece of ceiling fell beside me.  It happens at my house and now at the library too.  It was a  small pice.  More a large paint chip.  I considered moving, but I opted to stay.  Classy, big university library.  Charge people thousands and thousands of dollars and have a ceiling losing bits (not much unlike my apartment, come to think of it).

I love libraries of all kinds.  Although crowded ones are my least favourite kinds. At least the city is full of cafes I can work at too (especially now that the coffee smell doesn’t kill me softly).  But, maybe the university library will stay on the empty side a bit longer thanks to the draw of fancy library, so I can hide out there a bit more.  Maybe. But probably not.

The last few weeks in a nutshell.

When it comes to regular blogging, I have been an epic fail lately. Sometimes life is just plain busy and my priorties have been such that sitting down to write has not been a priority.

So, for those of you who care… Some updates on my last couple weeks in a nutshell.

The treatment planning exam I wrote about went decently. It was challenging. I got through it and my score was not good, but was good for a first exam. Plus, that means I met the milestone of doing my first treatment planning exam.

The Child and I started going to Body Pump classes. Once a week. But every week. For those of you who are regular Pump attenders, this may not seem like much, but it is a huge stretch for us to commit to going every week and getting stronger (even if it would be better to go more than once a week, I’d rather set a realistic goal). As a result of attending these classes, we have turned into bigger gym rat-like people, not only discussing our run times at times, but now also plotting out how we could go up on our weights or do a certain move better.

I went wedding dress shopping in a real wedding dress store for the first time ever last week with my sister-in-law. True story. I am married, but I bought my dress online from Sears. I lived away, so I didn’t go dress shopping with any of the friends that I know who got married. It was an experience. I feel okay with never having to do it again.

I am very excited to go see Gone Girl later today. The book freaked the heck out of me (once I got past the first ¼).   I expect the movie could do the same.

Patrick and I went to a produce store yesterday that is known for its ridiculous deals. We have had friends from church recommending the place for ages, but had yet to go. We now understand the beauty that it truly is.

My program changed our academic half days to Friday afternoons. It is a form of torture to sit through 4 hours of lecture on a Friday afternoon. Especially when you have a busy review clinic all morning and no time to see your inpatients until after all the teaching. I discovered caffeine and cookies help, but don’t cure the Friday half-day blues.

I had a post-call day last week because I was stuck in hospital until 2am with a spinal cord compression who, after we treated, started having “new” chest pain (that in retrospect wasn’t new) and then was called several times overnight. I was so excited to have a post call day. And didn’t even feel that guilty for taking it because the night was that kind of ridiculous. Then I remembered, post call days suck when you were actually up most of the night because you need to sleep. Silly.

I love treating head and neck cancers. Even though they tend to get so sick from treatment. And even though some of the patients are tough drinkers/smokers who don’t want to do anything they should. I like a challenge. And I really want to help. And we can cure people with this type of cancer, which is always cool.

My computer at work was giving me the blue screen of death and shutting down intermittently. It got to the point that I couldn’t get any work done and had to use someone else’s computer. The helpdesk person had no real explaination as to why my computer blew up in my face like it did. He had to reload everything back on it from scratch (and I lost everything that was saved on the computer itself (not much)). In retrostpect, I like to rest my feet on the computer console thing under my desk and twice in the last few weeks I accidentally kicked it over. That might be related. Whoops.

I have been attempting to read The Maze Runner for two weeks. Much like my blogging, life has gotten in the way of my fun reading. Silly.

I have been obsessed with listening to Needtobreathe lately. Not sure why, but their mellow has been drawing me in. Like this song:

What is new with you? Anything exciting?

Being a Leisurely Commuter

It was a good morning.

I was seeing some consults at another hospital and I was told to show up at 9:45.  That is basically halfway through the day.

I got up around the same time and went downtown for coffee and some physics studying.  I love doing work with caffeine, food and the bustle of people heading out for the day.  Especially with a good view and Eddie Vedder playing in the background.IMG_0036 IMG_0037

I then commuted using the ferry.  Yes, the ferry.  I never get to travel by ferry.  It is more awesome than the subway, in case you are wondering.  IMG_0040

I then took a more scenic walking trail to the hospital.  Although, I did get a bit lost, it was worth it.IMG_0043

I concluded I could do this.  Be a ferry commuter, specifically.  If every day was as sunny and leisurely as this morning.  But when the weather sucks (or I just want to sleep as late as reasonably possible), I am glad I am close to the hospitals I usually work at.

Really, I am a commuter.  I take the bus or walk every day now that Patrick has a real job that sends him an hour out of town every morning (meaning he leaves at 7 in the morning every day).  That kind of commuting just isn’t as novel to me.  The having a husband with a REAL teaching job (at least until the end of the year) is, though, so I like it nonetheless.

Even finding out my physics exam was rescheduled AGAIN couldn’t ruin my morning.  Okay, it did have me agitated most of the day, but it is a growing experience.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

This week’s photo challenge with the Daily Post is called “Beginning.”

Given that it is the start of a new year, this seems fitting.

This photo is from our adventure to PEI in the summer with my three best friends and their husbands.  The Child and I are morning people and coffee people, so we went on morning coffee runs.  We found this gem of a morning view on our second day there (after we realized the coffee shop was close enough to our cabins that we could walk).  Good beginnings include coffee, good company and nice scenery.


Some thanks

Some gratitude…

Thanks to the friend of the patient I saw today who bumped into me at the cafeteria and told me that I am nice and make a good doctor.  It had been an emotionally draining day, but nothing like what you are probably experiencing.  You don’t know how much of a difference it made to me to hear that.  

Thanks to the cat who usually bites and paws at Patrick in the middle of the night instead of me.

Thanks to my parents who are letting us make use of one of their collection of white Christmas trees.  I like that they are weird.  Plus, they are all I have ever really known.

Thanks to the nice person who chased me down the hall last week when I dropped my hospital ID.

Thanks to my husband  who finally dropped of the maintenance request form for the drawer that Jeter broke almost a year ago.

Thanks to the staff doctor who came in to help me when the work was piling up on call without asking and without piling on the guilt.  I got out earlier than I would have, I had way more teaching than I usually get and it saved a lot of phone calls.  

Thanks to Cineplex for buying out Empire Theatres and introducing us to the awesomeness that are Cineplex points and  our first free movie after only going to one before that.

Thanks to the people who read this blog even though sometimes I must seem absolutely boring or bizarre.

Thanks to one of my favourite coffee shops starting a buy 9 drinks get one free card.  

Anyone you want to say thanks to recently?

The 3 Rs… Recreation, Research and Randomness.

I feel like it is time for some updates of randomness.

Patrick decided he is going to do Run or Dye with some men from the church.  He is going to the gym with me today for the first time.  Jeter may become orphaned later this September.

On a Run or Dye note, training is, well, going.  I did previously think that I would die, but I am almost to our team’s goal of doing the 5k in under 40minutes.  Now, to do it outside.  I hate the elements.  Just saying.

I am actually starting to enjoy running.  * Mind blown! *

Patrick and I went out on a date night last week.  His birthday is later this month, but we had a family party while we were home recently and everyone got him Chapter’s gift cards, so we went on a Chapter’s/Starbucks date during which he spent all of the gift cards.  It was exciting.  We even got a couple books I will read too.photo

While on this date night, we bought the fabulous card game, “Squarrels.”  I had bought this for a Yankee Swap a few years ago with our small group and it provided us with endless hours of semi-violent entertainment.  The Child and D were over last night and we played our new game and it had a similar result (poor Jeter nearly had a stroke with all the table slapping and yelling).

Yesterday, we went to our favourite beach for one last swim.  Interestingly, the water was probably as warm as or warmer than the air.   The waves, as usual, were epic and the beach was pleasantly empty (because not many people decide it is a good idea to go swimming in September).

This is our new favourite beach (as seen in July... Not September).

This is our new favourite beach (as seen in July… Not September).

On Labour Day weekend, we went to L&C’s trailer again.  There, we had Mountain Dew as a beverage option.  Now, I have never been one to drink Mountain Dew (at least not as an adult).  We discovered that the stuff can make you crazy.  I was a giggling fool for most of the night.  We then decided that this will be our beverage of choice when we finally attempt to play “American Drinking Game” like on the show New Girl as our beer substitute because we just don’t actually drink that much.

Photo props to the Child.

Photo props to the Child.

I found out that the research assistant who helped with the first part of my project failed to send out a chunk of surveys making that chunk data kind of, well, missing.  I am unimpressed by this fact.  It means that I may not be able to look at the long-term effects because it likely has screwed up how the study was powered.  On the bright side, I still have lots of useable stuff, just not in the same way we planned.

I went to a research meeting where I discovered the above.  The supervisor from my department couldn’t make it, so it was me and the other researcher.  She called me Diane the whole meeting.  Not sure why.  But, I didn’t correct her the first couple times because I thought I misheard her, or that it was a one-off thing.  Then, when she kept doing it, it was past the point of it being okay for me to point it out.  So, I spent the hour as “Diane.”  She emailed me immediately following the meeting and called me Trish.  Guess she figured it out.  Whoops.

I have a new obsession with playing Spider Solitaire.  I blame my Research Methods course and my Mother.  The first has been really boring.  The second has a similar addiction that introduced me to the game with our first Windows XP desktop back in high school.

The coffee place at the market at the hospital on Friday did not have lids for their coffee.  So, I had a giant coffee filled to the brim that I then had to maneuver back into the building and up two flights of stairs and down a hall.  I was covered in coffee by the time I hit my desk.  The Child pointed out I should have a thermal mug for these occasions (I did… It got lost in the hospital, so now I am back down to one).  I realize in retrospect that half the problem would have been resolved had I taken the elevator.

Image from crazedpw.blogspot.com.

Fall is coming.  I love Fall.  I hate the cold.  Last night was the first night I had to crack out an extra blanket.

Coffee and Jesus

I acquired this image from demelzainwonderland.wordpress.com (check her blog out!!).

Well, this about sums up a day in my life.

Recently, I have been struggling a lot with this balance.  

I am trying to cut back on the coffee.  I have acknowledged that quitting smoking is difficult and if it is anything like cutting back coffee when in medicine, I can at least better imagine how tough it must be.  I am not a HUGE coffee drinker.  I was a maybe two cup per day person… Three if social circumstances required.  But, trying to keep it down to one cup per day is mind blowing for me.  Physically it isn’t too bad.  But, the habit of having coffee and the social aspect is terrible.

In medicine, there is sometimes free coffee at rounds.  And when we want to teach, we often teach “over coffee.”  And one of the best ways to sneak off the floor for a few minutes is to volunteer to go get coffee.  Plus, the cafeteria at my hospital stops selling all but Tim’s coffee after 2.  Which means you are limited to Tim’s decaf, which, in my opinion tastes more like cigarette butts than their real coffee.

In my social life, I have a number of friends who are equally coffee addicts.  Or it is just the main socially acceptable beverage to socialize over.

So, the coffee balance is a struggle.  But coffee is good.  So, that is okay.

Then, there is a whole Jesus thing.  Well, not a thing.  Person.  Deity.  All that.

I have found the whole lot of Jesus thing hard.  

Not because He isn’t always around.  But because I don’t always want Him around.

And at least half the people reading think I am crazy.  And that is fine.

Back to my point…

I have really been struggling with the battle between being legalistic and going through the motions versus genuine faith.  A lot of my recent everything has been one the going through the motions side of things.  I can give a million excuses.  I have been tired, and sad about a bunch of things and stressed about a bunch of somewhat related things.  And I just haven’t wanted to give myself up.   

I feel like I got past some of that stuff, but then I got caught in the what I have to do trap.  I kept thinking that I needed to do certain things to be faithful.  That what I did “spiritually” affected my outcome in everything. 

The problem was that I took the focus off God and had it on me.  That isn’t cool.

We talked about that in church this week.  There was a name for it.  I forgot the name of it.  The concept of being faithful for what you will escape because of it.  I can’t remember, but really, I guess that isn’t important.

What is important is God.  And that was something I was reminded of.

Look at Joseph hanging out in prison and when he gets his chance to shine in front of Pharoh, he throws the emphasis and the credit back to God.  Like he should.  

The goal is to be worshipful.  Not to be self-fulfilled.  

I need to work on that.  But, the first step is admitting it is an issue and asking God to give me better intentions.  

But yes, coffee and Jesus.  Key elements for survival.

Weekly Writing Challenge: A Pinch of You

This week’s writing challenge with the Daily Post is to write a recipe for yourself or someone in your life or an experience relevant to your blog.

Main Dish:
  • 300mL Joy
  • 250mL Sarcasm
  • 100mL Naive optimism
  • A dash of realistic pessimism
  • A moderate serving of friendliness mixed with intense introversion
  • 250g Anal retentiveness
  • 25 Songs from various genres
  • 1 flannel blanket
  • 100g Nerds candy
  • 13 random facts
  • Stethoscope
  • A pinch of sappiness
  • 2-5 books
  • 1 cup of Coffee
  • Wit to taste
  • A dollop of SPF 60 for protection
  • Start the dish with a high baseline.  For best results, prepare in colorful cookware while singing.
  • Soak the contents in ocean water (waves preferred) for 2 hours, then bring it inside and allow to return to room temperature alone with an episode of “Gilmore Girls” or “New Girl.”
  • Season the dish with plenty of spicy ethnic sauces, fun glasses and pepper.
Best served with a selection of lattes, cheesecake, ice cream and anything spicy.  It also goes very well with Patrick.
*Trisha does not mix well with horses, mayonnaise, bananas or pineapples.   If produced in the presence of too many people or in the absence of music, coffee and books, she may taste overdone.*

Weekly Photo Challenge: Companion

This week’s photo challenge with the Daily Post asks people to share a photo that means companion to you.  Suggestions included your pet, your significant other, your kids, etcetera.

I decided to go with three photos… One with my furry (and crazy) companion, Jeter,  one with my less furry (but possibly equally crazy) Patrick and one of a non-furry, non-crazy, but delicious latte from one of my favourite cafes (my non-living survival companion).

IMG_0590 IMG_3933 IMG_0591

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

This week’s photo challenge with the Daily Post is called “escape.”

It seems very appropriate given I am just starting a week of vacation.

For me an escape can vary depending on my mood.  Even a field trip to the coffee shop can be an escape on  some days.  I am, however an ocean girl, so my favourite escapes involve wandering or residing near a large body of water.  I love the peace that comes from that.

If you wanted to get super specific, my ideal escape would be with a book on a beach, surrounded by trees and forest with  a miraculous latte in hand (not sure where it comes from, perhaps an isolated beach coffee shop?).

The photo I chose today is one from one of our adventures to PEI with Patrick’s family.  I am quite looking forward to that trip this year.100_5306