Hooked on a YouTube series

One of me latest (and by latest, I really mean last two months or so) distractions instead of studying or working on my research has been watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube.

I had heard about them months ago because the Child (who is all knowing when it comes to the depths of YouTube) told me about the series.  I decided I wanted to check it out when I had time.

Ah, time… That mysterious thing I dream about at times…

Anyway, then, the series won an Emmy.

True story.

Finally, on research month, once Patrick one day suggested that I actually not do work during lunch, I checked the show out.

It is hilarious.

Modernized Pride and Prejudice vlog style.

I am somewhere around episode 80 and am sad that it will soon come to an end.

Probably one of the best book to “movie” adaptations ever.  Especially given that it was entirely modernized, which I think makes it more acceptable.

I can’t believe I am hooked on a YouTube series.

Check it out from the beginning (I’ll make it easy and include the first episode below).

I really need to study for the LMCC.  Really.