Long weekend wrap up.

Today, to celebrate the last day of Labour Day weekend and quintessentially the last day of summer (if one does not count the remaining days until the official end on September 21) and, of course, the beauty of a long weekend not on call, we are taking a “family trip” to the trailer.  Please note, none of the people we are going with are our biological family.

The heaping lot we are travelling with and spending the day with are people that we have known for years.  Some of whom helped raise me.  And some of whom are my best friends.  They are pretty awesome people.

I am grateful for sunny late summer days, lakes to swim in and good books to read, not to mention delightful company and good food.  It will be a good day.

To wrap up… A lovely song by the Dashboard Confessional.  Throwback to my emo teen angst years.  It seems appropriate, in a way.