My new favourite vaccine mock PSA

Anyone who has followed this blog has had to put up with my intermittent vaccine rants.

Here we go again.

Jimmy Kimmel had a little rant on his show this week about vaccines complete with “real doctors” saying why vaccines are important.  I don’t often like Jimmy Kimmel’s humour.  He is sometimes a bit too much for me.  But, this was perfection.


Check it out.  Show your friends.

25 Faces (reblog)

I stumbled upon this awesome piece on Buzzfeed by Aemun Reza called “25 Faces Everyone Who Went To Medical School Will Remember.”

Check it out.  It is worth the click and the laughs.

My favourites (and most common expressions) are number 9, 15, 22 and 25.  But seriously, I think I have made all of these faces at one point or another.

Funny distractions… Basically some internet videos.

It has been a crazy week.

I had a horrendous call shift, I had a presentation, I worked a bunch… The usual.

I also watched White Christmas with the Child, managed to hit the gym and got to see some old friends for a bit.

I distracted myself with all sorts of randomness, Christmas knitting inclusive.  I thought I would share some of my YouTube distractions from the week… Mainly because nobody wants to see the dishcloths and other stuff I have been knitting.

To start, honest trailers.  This kept me from doing work last weekend for at least an hour.  I mean, they really are honest and hilarious.

Then there was this commercial a friend posted on Facebook that I just had to watch before bed last night.  And then, in my overtired state, I kept giggling about it.

Patrick found this gem tonight.  We laughed hysterically through most of it.  Maybe it isn’t that funny, but we really thought it was.  

And to make things festive, here is a video from Rhett & Link that the Child introduced me to that takes many of the Christmas Carols I hate and makes them, well, hilarious, thanks to autocaption fails.

Lastly, I found this gem looking for the previous Rhett & Link video for this post.  I feel like this actually happens when I am on road trips (minus the speeding ticket part).  It also happens when Patrick and I are walking down the street.  Fact… It happened tonight while we were walking down the street.  We are indeed going to embarrass our teenage children.

On that note, have you had recent distractions?  Anything entertaining?

Searching for something?

So, I took the plunge a few months ago and made my blog searchable.  For those of you who are paranoid users of the internet, you will understand how much angst this induced.

I mean, what if someone figures out who this strange person is?  Agh!  Frightening stuff.

So anyway, I have been deriving some amusement from some of the search terms that people have put in that have delivered unsuspecting folks to my blog.  I have also seen numerous other blogs do a feature post about the ridiculous and/or interesting search terms people use.  I decided that I might as well jump on the bandwagon and do the same.

The most popular terms are the obvious…, trishadm, at least we made it this far wordpress, etcetera.  Good job remembering something about my blog to find me.  That means you may actually want to read something on here or mock it with more of your friends.  Either way, it makes me feel good inside (I can’t hear you mocking).

A few others of the very popular items were:

“Misheard music lyrics.”  I am glad I am not the only one who has this struggle and a strange fascination with them.

“The Fault In Our Stars Movie.”  I am excited for it too!  And much less nervous about it potentially being butchered once I saw on the Vlog Brothers channel that John Green is hanging out a lot on the set.  If anyone can stop a movie from sucking, it has to be the author of the book, n’est pas?

“Cyst under armpit” (and other permutations of the same concept).  Yum.  Someone has something nasty happening.  As much as my writing about armpit cysts is entertaining to some, I would suggest seeing a real doctor.

“Best beach reads ever.”  I am glad that you need to look into this.  Please read at the beach and stop making out.  We will all be smarter people if you do this.  Even better, try swimming too.  I hear that is what beaches are for (I mean, that and reading).

“Is surgery like Grey’s Anatomy.”  No.

“I hate (insert medical specialty here).”  We all hate some aspect of medicine.  Okay, not all of us.  Some people like everything.  I don’t.  Just suck it up and get through it.

Some of the strangest/funniest ones (at least to me):

“Cat house with air conditioning.”  My cat’s house is an air conditioner box.  Clearly some people have high expectations and a lot of money to spend on their feline friends.

“Doing internal medicine if you hate sick people.”  Generally not recommended.  Internal medicine is chock full of sick people.  In my opinion, that is part of what makes it awesome.  In fact, one may want to reconsider the whole medicine thing if they are not a fan of the sick person.

“Should residency scare me from medicine?”  Yes.

“Zombie nurse in scrubs.”  Well, that scares me a little.

“Shortness of breath,dizzy, sees stars figuratively, what signs are these.”  You, my friend need to see a real doctor or stop with the hypochondriasis.  Either way, not good.

“Trisha cyber gold digger.”  Gosh, they have figured me out.  That is clearly why I have spent a bagillion dollars in schooling and have yet to make a profit blogging.

“When a man goes out and cum bak late around 4am without any xplanation nd without the wife questioning him,wat does that mean.”  I am not sure what it means, but I do know you need to learn how to spell and possibly should look into marriage counseling.

“A fact of oncologist hating and disliking their jobs.”  I sure hope that isn’t a fact or I have a long 30+ years ahead of me.

“Is “crack it out” a saying?” Well, I use it as a saying.  Not sure that helps you much.

“Murder with exacto knife and travel around the country china.”  What?

“free video naked people at lunch”.  Ummm… I am not that kind of site.  But, if you want to see naked people at lunch, I recommend going to the gym.  I have seen my fair share of naked people there and I am not a fan.

“Easy Button bachelorette party.”  That is a hilarious gift idea.  I wish I had thought of that.  I gave an easy button to Patrick before we started dating.  Now, in retrospect, I find this concerning, not an adorable inside joke.  Oh internet, you ruined my innocence.

Some videographic awesomeness.

I watched a fantastic video fundraising for the children’s hospital in the place where I went to med school.  It is pretty awesome because I actually know of a few people in the video.  Plus, it is kids writing a song.  What more is there to love.  Watching the full 9 minutes is key.  Or just the last 4-5ish.  

Because of this fabulous video, I figured, why not share a few of the other great things I have been entertaining myself with lately.

I have developed a new love for Jimmy Fallon.  Last week, the Child texted me in the middle of small group to inform me that I needed to watch this.  Basically anyone who takes lip syncing and makes it into a competition is my hero.  This may be because when we were younger (and by younger I don’t mean socially acceptably younger, I mean late teens and early twenties younger) we used to play a game where we would pop in headphones and belt along with whatever is playing on the disc man or walkman (archaic music listening devices were key) in front of each other.  Kind of lip syncing, but more embarrassing.  They are better at it than we were.

The Child also introduced me to the Vlog Brothers.  Clearly you can tell who my bad/good internet influence is.  These guys are priceless.  

This sums up my life.

Image from

Top Ten Books To Read When You Need Something Light and Fun

I love a good “fun book.”  And usually I use the term “fun book” to mean pretty much any book I am reading outside of school.  This week’s Top Ten Tuesday with the Broke and the Bookish asks for a list of your top ten books to read when you need something light and fun. 

That list does not include all of what I label “fun books.”  In fact, there are times where Patrick is trying to convince me to read something less intense.  So, this list comprises light and fun “fun books.”

  1. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling.  I laughed all the way through this and related to a good chunk of it.  She is quite candid and at times dry and sarcastic, so it made for me an entertaining and uplifting read.
  2. The Guinea Pig Diaries by AJ Jacobs.  The fact that this guy subjects himself and his family to the most random of adventures and “experiments” makes me so happy.  He reminded me a lot of my husband too, so I found even more humor in his quirkiness.
  3. Anything Emily Giffin.  I say this having only read two of her books, but they were entertaining and I did get really into them, but they weren’t emotionally draining or intense.  Just fun to read.
  4. The Don Cherry books.  Hockey stories told from the perspective of Don Cherry… He is a funny guy.  He is blunt and opinionated, but I can’t help but laugh even when what he says is kind of offensive just because I can hear him talking in my head.
  5. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.  This book was a good mixture of light and funny with a flare of a place that intrigues me.  Plus it took me back to the simpler times of high school.  I really liked it and that kind of surprised me, but the fact it was so fun makes me think it would be good to pick up at a time when I want something lighter.
  6. The Little House On the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  The books bring me back to childhood and simpler times.  And really, they are quite funny when you look at some of the things these kids did and said.
  7. Everyone Worth Knowing by Lauren Weisberger.  I didn’t love the Devil Wears Prada, but this lesser-known book got me through residency interviews.  I loved that it took me to a world I can’t imagine in the New York PR scene.
  8. Julie and Julia by Julie Powell.  I love how the story flips back and forth and I also love reading about food.  Plus, she is so candid and honest.  It is a light, but fun read.
  9. The Anne of Green Gables series by LM Montgomery.  Anne is such a fantastic and loveable character, I can’t help but smile when I read about her escapades.  Again, they are easier reads and they bring me back to childhood.
  10. Anything by Roald Dahl.  This guy creates the best characters and random worlds.  Plus, they are excellent childhood throwbacks and grounded in a world that is kind of realistic but really not.  A great escape.

What are some books you like when you recommend when someone wants to read something light and fun?

Death of a Hairdryer

This week, I, in a 36 hour period killed two hairdryers.  TWO!  And I even lived to tell about it.

How, might you ask, did the hairdryer massacre of ’13 occur?

Well, I would love to tell you that something dramatic happened, like I used them to blow away featherweight zombie cats to protect my household.  But, that would be a lie.

I couldn’t resist… This cat kind of looks like Jeter who is terrified of the hairdryer (maybe with good reason). Image from

I could also tell you that I decided to test the whole scenario thing that comes on the warning label (who would actually try to dry one’s own hair while in a tub of water…. Isn’t that kind of counterproductive?).  I do love my efficiency, but that too would be a lie. 

As it turns out, I was just simply drying my hair.  Both times.  Like normal people.  Like I do every day.  Okay, confession, it probably works out more to like every other day if you factor in the days I just throw it up wet or days that I am a dirtbag (confession: those days increase in proportion to the hour I have to wake up to go to work).

Hairdryer number one kicked the bucket Saturday night.  I got home from the gym, we ate supper and I decided to shower before we went to visit the Child & D’s lovely Ellie and play catch the laser and ensure she was nourished (ps… wet pet food is disgusting).  After showering, I, like usual started to dry my hair.  I was still at the level of damp that would lead to insane frizziness and some weird wave action when there was a faint snap, the loud hairdryer noise faded to a quiet grumble and, well, smoke began to fill the bathroom.

First instinct: make sure my hair was not on fire… Check.

Image from

Second instinct:  turn on the fan in the bathroom and pray the smoke detector (right outside the bathroom door) does not start to shriek (because then I would subsequently begin to flap and shriek).

Third instinct:  Gee, maybe I should unplug the smoking object.

I gave up on drying my hair (for the night).  Announced to Patrick that I blew up the hairdryer and we carried on with the day.  As it turns out, I had this one since I moved for med school, so I figured it was just a bit old and cranky.  Plus, I molt like a very hairy beast, so I just assumed years of hair built up in there until… POOF!  It kicked the bucket.  Kind of like atherosclerosis in coronary arteries, but with hair and engines.

I had a small travel hair dryer floating around.  So, I cracked it out Monday morning getting ready for work.

I started drying my hair as per the routine.  I was at the still too soggy to be socially acceptable phase when there was a snap.  And then the high setting ceased to function.  Turns out, it was still set with the little switch thing to European power.  Using it on high in North America may have played a role in its demise, although I cannot say for sure.  The low setting still worked, though… So at least I didn’t go all wet dog to work.

This time, I was a bit more upset.  Two hairdryers in 36 hours.  That has to be some sort of record.

Thus, finally on Tuesday night, I set out to buy a hairdryer for what turns out to be the first time in a very, very long time.  You would not believe the selection!  Okay, you probably would, but I couldn’t.  I stood and stared for a very long time.  I bought one in my price range (aka, cheap) with a removable “hair trap.”  I felt like this may potentially save me from more of the incidents, although I have to remember to empty said “hair trap.”

The model I selected is also apparently ceramic and has an ion setting.  Apparently, according to the box, these are good for my hair.  Something about effective heat and balance or nutrients.  I could not scientifically justify these features or why I need a switch for ions (I am pretty sure ions are everywhere… just saying).  I turned the switch on just in case it makes a difference, though.  I will take all the voodoo I can get on my head of hair.

I was too cheap to spring for the retractable cord, though.

Hopefully this one survives the wrath that is being my hairdryer.

Some Song I Used To Know

Do you ever have one of those songs that annoy the pulp out of you?

It was on the radio so often that you have developed a dislike for it.  Or you never really liked it, but now it is everywhere?

I feel like some stuff gets really overplayed and that I grow to hate it when I really enjoyed it initially.

Every once in awhile, I remain in love with an overplayed song.

Does anyone remember the “Hey There Delilah” phenomenon.  Oh boy, did Patrick grow to hate that song.  And I still loved it.   That led to a few heated debates.

More recently, there was Gotoye’s “Somebody I Used To Know.”  I never actually hated the song and neither did Patrick, but the sheer volume of remixes was enough to make me want to their everyone’s synthesizers and music editing apps and smash them to bits.

One day, we were driving in Jag in the summer and we were almost back to home-home when Patrick, getting frustrated with the heat in the car and the driving (this was when Jag’s air conditioning opted to work on a random basis, usually at half power after hitting a random bump and then shutting off again) demanded to hear something he knows.  I thought he demanded specifically “Somebody I Used to Know,” which I thought was strange, but I found it on the iPod.  He got all confused because he didn’t know we had that song.  I got all confused because he demanded it. Then, we belted along with the chorus and figured out where the misunderstanding came from.

I saw this video awhile ago.  It kind of fits my feelings on the song… Except I like it.  But it was overplayed.  And most people really don’t know any of the words but the chorus.  I showed it to Patrick last night because he apparently missed out on it when it went viral.  You might have too, so here it is for a laugh.  It is worth the 5 minutes.


Pie… Poom!

Patrick showed me this video.  And it makes my life.  Because it is random and in French (don’t worry folks, there are subtitles).  And the use of “poom” always makes me smile.

We tried to recreate it with Jeter.  He was not a fan.  His version of “poom” was more of an annoyed gnaw because I kept trying to play with his paws.

In other happiness, the hospital I work at has a Friday market and this week, there was a vendor there selling a meat pie called tourtiere that I grew up with (or at least in the presence of it, I wasn’t much of a carnivore or pie eater).  At home, it is tough to come by unless we travel to certain areas.  So, finding it in the workplace was pretty mind blowing for me.   I bought it to introduce Patrick to its goodness.  We even topped it with some red pepper jelly (as recommended by the vendor).   It made for delicious Friday night supper and delicious Saturday night supper!  Win!photo

Rain On My Parade

Sometimes a person can do some silly things.  And those silly things can bring great joy (and dampness).

This was one of those days.

I worked today.

In the morning it snowed.

Image via

I regretted not wearing socks with my shoes.  I am not generally a huge snow fan, but it was looking a lot like Christmas (*cue song here).  And it was all pretty and wintery outside.

Then, it stopped snowing.  That was even better… I could walk home, hopefully before it changed completely to rain.

3 kids came in with lacerations.  All of them were received playing outside on the playground during lunch at school… Promising.  That meant kids were outside.  That meant it wasn’t raining and it couldn’t be that wet out.  The walk home won’t suck that much after all.

I finally get out of work after sewing up hole in face number three (bonus… none of the kids slapped me today).  I start to walk towards the exit when I see it… The water.  Everywhere.  It is raining.  Not just raining.  It is pouring.  Mammals were falling from the sky.  And it is windy and hovering just above freezing.

Pretty much what I saw when I looked out the window. And a bit what it felt like… Except cold. Image from

I am wearing a wool peacoat.  No hood.  Old flats… No socks, but a potential leak.

Epic fail.

I contemplate hiding out in the library at work.  I do have a giant presentation to prep for.  But wait… I have no memory stick and all but two of the papers I printed are at home.

I weigh out the options.

25 minute walk… I will freeze and drown.

Taxi… $7.00 to drive 5 minutes.  Not bad, but really, I am kind of cheap.

Bus… There is a stop near our building and near the hospital.  Timing will be about the same.  I won’t melt from a few minutes outside.  Seems like a happy medium.

I check the schedule and start walking.  The bus was on time (I was amazed at this after my experiences at our prior home).  But, by the time I got to the stop I was drenched.  I was literally dripping.  My shoes were squishing and I was cold, but at least not frozen.

At first I sat on the bus kind of bitter.  For 5 more dollars, I could have taken a taxi.  But, then I was a mother wrangling a kid away from a puddle walking down the street.  I remembered how fun that was and decided to look at the bright side.

This looks so fun. And it is. So long as you don’t mind being soggy. Image from

I am an adult, on my own, soaking wet, with another brief walk in the rain ahead.  I could be bitter and cold, or I could embrace the weather and my already soaked feet.

So, I embraced the weather.  On the way home (don’t kill me, Mom), I splashed through every puddle.  I mentally frolicked (we live downtown, so I can’t do something too ridiculous like actually frollick, at least not without the partnership of another person).  I sang the song below to myself because it seemed appropriate at the moment (not aloud, that would get me committed).

I did this all the while wearing a wool peacoat, dress pants and carrying a brown leather messenger bag and patterned lunch box.  I am like a child-working adult fusion.

By the time I got to the building (one minute at the most), I was really no soggier than I was before, but I was pretty happy feeling, despite my drowned rat appearance.

Me minus the life preserver.Image from

Me minus the life preserver.
Image from

The cat drank the water I dumped out of my shoes (true story).  I had to change pants and dry off.

It confirmed again that I really should invest in some rain boots, but like a coat with a hood, there is an astute probability I wouldn’t have them when I needed them.

But, it was a strangely satisfying experience overall.

Funny how life works sometimes (this may be an indicator I still need to correct my schedule after the weekend or that I have been spending far too much time with children).