Evil Genius

Sometimes I feel like an evil genius. Not for especially good reasons either.

Image from cryhavok.org.

I feel like I beat the whole world because I took an in- lieu day and a couple vacation days to make an extra long weekend in early December to do all of that festive stuff that I need to get done.

It has become my routine during residency. The last few years, I took one day to get most of my shopping done. You see, I hate shopping at the best of times, and when Christmas comes and the crazies come out, it induces a kind of rage in me that is kind of terrifying.  So, I take a day off during the week and try to hammer out all my shopping while at least some of the crazies are at work.  This year, with the parasite, I decided it might take me an extra day or two and that I might have other stuff to do, so I took an extra couple days.

And thus, I hammered out all of my shopping, Christmas card writing and helped decorate the church plus I’m considering even doing some gift wrapping (if I can find last year’s wrapping paper…) before heading back to the world of work.

I even caught up on Grey’s and some other stuff I have been meaning to watch and cleaned out my closet! I may or may not have cried during both (for different reasons… I blame the tiny human).

Take that consumerism, festiveness and life! I can be festive and not want to die (it is sad how big of a deal that is to me).

Image from degrassiwikia.com. Interesting that this is from the Degrassi wikia page but is clearly a Boy Meets World scene… Fail internet. Fail.

Happy Patrick Day

20140317-212540.jpgIt is St. Patrick’s Day.  Patrick calls it his day.

It makes sense, he is both Irish and his name is Patrick.

Unlike the town where I went to med school, it is not a day off of work here for him.  Sad face.  So, he bribed his class for the day with cupcakes commemorating his day.

Therefore, on the way home from the gym, the Child and I bought him an appropriately titled cake.  It confused the guys working at the Dairy Queen.  My eating a too big piece of it probably cancelled out the 5k we ran.

It made us smile.


“Special” Days

It is Pi Day!  Happy Pi Day to all the nerds like me out there.  Pi is my second favourite irrational number with my first favourite being Euler’s number.  I wrote about this whole number thing in this post.

Today was also first day on yet another new service day, as well as first Gyne-Onc call shift day.  I like Pi Day better.  Although, at least this service has oncology in the name.  That makes it seem a bit more relevant.

Patrick likes to inform me at random about days that are entitled ___ Day.  He just out of the blue will say, “Hey, did you know it is Women’s Day (or Talk Like a Pirate Day, etc.).”  When we were dating, he would occasionally send me festive e-cards for a particular “day.”  Once, thanks to a very big ecard error in dates, I received an ecard he had sent me on a completely different date over a year earlier on a completely unrelated day.  It was for something not quite so obscure like St. Patrick’s Day, so I just thought he was being weird.  Turned out, the internet was being weird.

I am not a festive person, but having random days for things can be kind of fun.  At least sometimes.  At other times, it is just plain annoying.

For instance, my birthday is apparently “Hug Holiday.”  What the heck?  I hate hugs (for the most part).

Today is not only Pi day, but also National Potato Chip day and Learn About Butterflies day.  Fascinating.  I feel we need to go out and pick up a bag of chips after work… I like chips better than pie and it will make call better.

The other night was my last Internal Medicine call (big win!).  I had a suspicious feeling it would be eventful for a number of reasons, including that my parents were visiting and I wanted to go out with them the next day, but also that, well, it was my last call.  Apparently, it was not a full moon, but people were all squirrely and doing things like leaping out of bed and breaking hips and all sorts of colorfulness.  I deemed it the night of delirium, though I could have also called it more interesting names like the night of the walking (er… falling) confused or last call, but really delirium was the biggest trend.  Such is medicine call.

When I was in Nuc Med, this one time, we had a bunch of renal scans, which are a bit more labour intensive than your usual bone scans and cardiac scans (at least in that it involves a different radiopharmaceutical) and we deemed it renal day.  We also once had a technologist appreciation day during which all of the students baked stuff and shared it with the techs that helped teach us… It could also have been called find an excuse to eat excessive baked goods day.

This weekend, this small theatre locally is playing old-school To Kill a Mockingbird for a discounted rate.  I really want to go see it and keep reminding Patrick about it.  I am calling it To Kill a Bird weekend… Because that is what I called the book in high school.  And I need to pretend the weekend is special somehow, even though that will really only be a two hour block of time and it kind of sounds morbid.

If I had to pick a day that is “official,” I think, at this point I would choose either July 13, “Embrace Your Geekness Day,” or July 15 “Cow Appreciation Day.”  Although, close runners up would be November 6, “Saxophone Day,” May 14, “National Dance Like a Chicken Day,” or September 29, “National Coffee Day.”  The good thing is that they all fall on separate days, so I can theoretically legitimately celebrate all of them!

Top Ten Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Bringing Me

I am one of those people who has a difficult time asking for things.  I have everything we really need, at least for the most part.  I don’t like to put people out or sound needy, so I am content with what I have.

I think that is generally a good thing.

Don’t get me wrong, there are things I want.  But, the logical part of my brain reminds me (usually) that I have enough music and books and clothes, so why ask for more.

Thus, when people ask me what I want for Christmas, I often draw a blank.  I think my immediate family has adjusted to my evasiveness.  It isn’t  that I don’t want something, it is just that it isn’t necessary.  They get it.  They raised me.  We aren’t extravagant Christmas people.  But, sometimes my in-laws think I am a bit nuts because I never know what I want for Christmas (Patrick sometimes threatens to tell them I want things he wants).https://i1.wp.com/lh5.ggpht.com/-nVgswpKrrhA/UDLsJ6nfTQI/AAAAAAAABlo/rmqoWxaemf0/toptentuesday3_thumb%25255B2%25255D.jpg

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday Challenge with the Broke and the Bookish is a list of the top ten books I wouldn’t mind Santa bringing me.  This is doable.  Although I often can’t think of things off the top of my head, there are all sorts of books I wouldn’t mind acquiring.  So, I will just put that out there to those of you who puzzle at me and my not wanting gifts.

  1. The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.  I have had this book on my to be read list for almost a year.  The book is about a 16 year old with cancer who meets goes to a support group for teens with cancer and falls in love with a boy who is an amputee in remission from osteosarcoma.  It has a ton of good reviews and I have had it recommended to me a number of times.
  2. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.  Another book on my to be read list for ages, this one sounds to be a great light read that again comes highly recommended.  This one is the story of a girl who get sent off to boarding school in Paris for her senior year of high school… Intriguing.
  3. On Being Ill by Virginia Woolf.  I know, I need to not read so much around my job, but this really does sound interesting.  The book looks at illness in literature.
  4. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby.  This book was originally published in French and was translated to English, but I would take it in either language.  It is a memoir of a journalist who, following a stroke, developed locked in syndrome.
  5. A Thousand Splendid Sons by Khaled Hosseini.    I loved The Kite Runner and he has a new book coming out next year, so I was reminded of this book that I have yet to read.
  6. Anything by Jodi Picoult (well, except the ones I already have).  I know she irritates some people with the twists and the relatively similar plot patterns, but I love her books.  And aside from the few that I have in my possession, I would gladly take any of her other novels.
  7. Anything by Emily Giffin (except Something Borrowed or Something Blue).  I consumed the first two books she wrote this summer, but there are a few more out there I wouldn’t mind reading.  And having around as potential re-read material.
  8. Book anthology by Mark Twain (It is on sale at Chapters and contains both Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn and others).  I have had my eye on this beast since last year.  I have no idea what it is actually called, but it has been living in the discount section.  I probably should just go acquire it myself.
  9. The Momentary Marriage by John Piper.  Really, I think I would take anything by John Piper, but this is one that has always intrigued me (by always I mean the last few months).  This book looks at marriage as a model for Christ and the church and our views of marriage versus what God intended.
  10. The House of God by Samuel Shem.  I know I have already read this, but it is totally a re-read and own kind of book.  I think it really reminds you what medicine can be like and lets you have a bit of a laugh at the same time.

Honestly, I would take almost any book, so long as it is NOT a Harlequin Romance or some sort of book about building or growing stuff.

What books are on your list this year?

Parody Love

Patrick showed me this delightful Jimmy Kimmel video the other day.  He was watching late night TV and stumbled upon the show and then realized the awesomeness that he had discovered.

Basically, they took a bunch of songs that are on the radio right now and changed the words to make them Thanksgiving/Holiday themed.  

Too funny.

Patrick and I love it probably a little too much.  And when we love something we sometimes overdo it.  As evidenced by this post and Patrick sharing it with our visiting friends last night.

I love it when people change the words to songs and make them about something else.  Maybe because I grew up in a time when Weird Al was cool, but probably moreso because it is just plain awesome. Plus, I have a friend who when he was younger happened to look exactly like Weird Al.

Sometimes, at night when we are lying in bed, Patrick and I rewrite words to songs.  Okay, I might not just do it at night.  And he might do it sometimes because he just doesn’t remember the words to the songs.

Really, it is just plain fun.

Take a look at this video one of the maritime med schools did to promote their program… Wicked awesome parody fun.