Twisted MixTape: Get Moving

Confession, I am still kind of liking running.

I know, I am not the first person to have found running.  And I am definitely not the best runner by any means.  I am slow and my endurance is limited to 5-8 minutes of running with 2-3 minute walks in between right now.  But that is better than my complete ineptitude when it came to running this summer.  I would probably have made more gains, but I do well to hit the gym 3 days per week and generally pull off 1-2 between work and other commitments like sleep taking up time.

But that being said, nothing makes going to the gym better and in particular, running better than good music.

This is true… Kind of. Other things can stop me. Like my iPod falling, me falling, horrendous nausea if I run after eating or the inability to breathe.

That and not hurting yourself.  I was running last night and knocked my phone off the treadmill ledge and it shot off the other side.  I got distracted by the projectile week of pay and lost my footing and sprained my ankle something fierce.  Today was spent hobbling up and down the hallways and limping up and down stairs.

Sometimes I think fitness is overrated.  I know it isn’t, but on days like this when I recuperate from my accident prone-ness, I do.

Back to the subject at hand.  This week’s Twisted MixTape with Jen from My Skewed View is called “Get Moving.”  Interestingly, the Child and I were discussing our gym playlists last week, so this is an easy one between my programmed iTunes list and previous conversation.

“Great DJ” by The Ting Tings.  The song makes little sense, but it is great to get moving to.

“Headphones” by Hedley.  My husband is a huge Hedley fan and thus we own most of their albums.  This is on their newest album and it is catchy, but I also quite like the lyrics.

 “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” by Jim Croce.  This is an oldie but a goodie.  Something about singing about a possible brutish criminal that gets me moving.

“Dead Man (Carry Me)” by Jars of Clay.  This was one of the songs on my old school MP3 player Patrick and I could agree on, so it has all kinds of happy memories for me.  It also has a pace and a level of encouragement that keeps me moving.

“Titanium” by David Guetta and Sia.  I didn’t like this song when it first came out but somewhere between watching Pitch Perfect and getting back to the gym regularly, this has become one of my favourites.

What are some of your favourite get moving songs?

Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts 1

I am linking up with Christine from Bookishly Boisterous for today’s post. I found this meme over at Whispers of a Barefoot Medical Student and thought it looked fun and right up my alley.  Basically, it is what it says, a series of thoughts both book related and not book related.

1.  I am currently studying for my LMCC part 2.  Bascially the practical half of my Canadian medical licensing exams that we can write after we finish a year of residency.  The exam is next weekend, so I need to start really focusing. Focusing seems to be a struggle.

Image from

2.  I had my first exam nightmare for that licensing exam this past weekend.  I did not have a reflex hammer and couldn’t figure out how to cover up the embroidered school name on my labcoat (and for some reason tape and paper seemed to be impossibilities).  I got asked to do an exam involving reflexes and couldn’t do them (clearly) without the hammer.  I just kept asking the patient “how does that make you feel?”  I failed.

Image from

3.  While trying to study for my exam, I found this picture describing “a typical injection drug user’s arm.”  This is the only IV drug user who has “heroin forever,” a syringe” and “inject here” on their arm that I have seen.  Most people are a bit less conspicuous.  Just saying.

This is from "Clinical Examination: A systematic Guide to Physical Diagnosis 4th edition" edited by Talley and O'Connor (2001, MacLennan & Pety Pty Limited, Australia).

This is from “Clinical Examination: A systematic Guide to Physical Diagnosis 4th edition” edited by Talley and O’Connor (2001, MacLennan & Pety Pty Limited, Australia).

4.  I am finally reading Anna Karenina and am very excited about it.  The problem is that foolish school and work seem to be getting in the way of reading it.

5.  I wanted to join a hockey pool this year instead of just hovering around Patrick’s.  I missed the start of the season (thank you being busy with work) and then couldn’t start late because I couldn’t stand the thought of being a full week behind the other participants (it would mess up my overall stats, gosh).

6.  I carved my first pumpkin in many, many years this weekend as a part of a mini “competition” with our “niece” and “nephews.”  My partner was 6 year old GL.  She picked the pattern, a witch, because it was a girl. Of course, it was super complicated.  I had to use my mad knife skills while she drew “scary stuff” all over the rest of the pumpkin.  We are lucky we both still have all our appendages.  Patrick and C2 made a skull.  C1 and my Dad made the grim reaper, but accidently cut off his weapon.

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7.  I caught a cold this weekend.  Patrick had it first.  I blame him.  He blames me because I had a scratchy throat last week that went away, so clearly it all came from me.  It is a game of which came first, I suppose.

8.  Fall is my favourite season.  Our friend D likes to point out it is when everything is dying and exclaims things liked “DEATH!” when people talk about how lovely Fall is.  Strange boy.  I think it is lovely.

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8.  The Child got a job at Chapters.  I was so excited, you would think that I got a job.  I mean, she is working at a book store.  And there is a Starbucks in her place of employment.  That is so cool.  She is basically my new hero.

9.  My new guilty pleasure song is “Roar” by Katy Perry.  Don’t judge.  It just makes me feel good inside and it it is good to run to.

10.  I think I actually enjoy running now.  I miss it when I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like.  I also like it better now that I don’t “have” to do 5k every time, but can choose to do 20 minutes or so as a part of my usual work out.  I like that I like the gym more.  It is a good thing.

This is so true. Image from

Running and Dying

This weekend was finally the Run Or Dye I have been training for.

Problem being that I, of course, in true Trisha fashion, somehow injured my left ankle and right knee a week and a half pre-race.  I think the ankle came first, but the I ran again the next day and then both hurt.

To top it all off, we went to Montreal for a few days where we walked EVERYWHERE.

My ankle swelled and bruised and was all around beautiful.

So, running really did kind of feel like death.

Nonetheless, I still did manage to run a bit of the race.  Just a bit though.  And, as it turns out, the course was so horrendously muddy and hilly, most people weren’t running too much more than me.  And others from our group apparently still managed to do the thing in under 20 minutes.

The place where the race was had only one way to it from the city.  Traffic was horrendous.  So, despite leaving for what is normally a 45 minute drive, it took us over 2 hours.  And then we wound up parking in a field and taking a shuttle bus to the race site.IMG_0922

The problem was that almost the rest of our group ended up in a different lot and left without us in a different heat as a result of a big communication fail.

So, the Child and I wandered looking for the others and never found them.  There were so many people.  So. Many.  And the starting point was like a corral.  Like we were cattle being led to be milked or something.  Nobody brought phones (except us) and it isn’t like we knew anyone’s number anyway.  But, we did find another team member who was also misplaced (and stuck in traffic), so we did the course together.IMG_0927

The whole being left behind affair really did not help my insecurities and struggle to blend in with the church people outside of church.  It just made me feel more left out when I had hoped that actually finally doing something with the women would help me feel more involved.  Everyone was super apologetic that night at a bonfire and the next day at church.  It really was just one of those circumstances that sometimes happen and two of the other forgotten people had been a part of the church and this group of friends for ages.  It still felt like it was pointing out yet again that we aren’t fully “one of the gang.”  And part of that is that we are both very aware of the fact that we don’t have as many close friends here while others all know each other well.  And that when people are so “together,” even when they are being welcoming, you still feel a bit outside.  Sadly, even as grown ups, we are still getting it together.  So, sometimes, it feels like high school all over again.  Nobody is perfect, that is why we need grace.

It would have been nice to at least start the race with everyone else in our group (because heaven knows I wasn’t keeping up with the 20 minute 5k people).  But, as it turns out, people watching while corralled with a bunch of strangers is also entertaining.  My favourite was a guy in a bunny suit.  Yes… Full on rabbit.  Totally made the loudness and masses of people better in my books.IMG_0929

Despite that, I still had fun.  And made a new friend (the girl who was also left behind).  We laughed about how out of shape we still are, despite trying to train for this.  We tried not to break our necks going down muddy hills and cringed at the rare crazies who tried to run some of them.  We became super colourful while rocking our cool team t-shirts without most of the team.IMG_0937

We pulled off the 5k in somewhere between 45 and 50 minutes.  Nowhere near record breaking, but given the ski hillishness of the course, the mud and my aching ankle, I feel like that is okay.

What was cute was that our husbands came to cheer us on at our first “race.”  Despite the fact it wasn’t really a race.  The funny part was that they were scared of getting dyed and stayed really far away from the finish and missed us completely.

The boys were scared of these giant dye clouds.

The boys were scared of these giant dye clouds.

I still have some bright pink undertones under my right armpit.  When I got home, I had an orange foot, a part green foot, and a bright pink chest and back.  So charming.

I would do it again.  It was as fun as the internet world suggests.  But next time, if it at the same place, the life lesson is leave super early and plan where to meet better than “the parking lot.”IMG_0935

Organizing and Running. The spectrum of the month to come.

I love getting organized.  I get some sort of sick kicks out of it.

That is why I am so excited to have inherited with my new desk in the residents’ room a white board.  With some delightfully colored whiteboard markers (dollar store for the win!), I managed to create my very own organizational delight when it comes to work planning…photo

This is my research month.  So, I get to basically function on my own schedule.  Sure, I have to do some online courses and report to my supervisor, but there is flexibility here that I have never experienced before…  It is better than undergrad with time flexibility.  I only have a couple of classes/rounds with required times in a week.  I do, however, have a ton of stuff to get done.

But, I have a plan.  And I am driven to a fault.

I have plans for all sorts of things.  I am going to print some scenic pictures to further decorate the apartment.  I hope to finally buy and build a shelf that will replace Jeter’s lovely (but kind of out of place) air conditioner box house.  My LMCC part II is coming up at the end of October.  I really should get on starting to study for that at some point.

Oh, and I am going to participate in a 5k run with the Child and a bunch of other women from our church.

It is called Run or Dye.

Basic premise… You run and people throw dye at you.

Running and getting dirty.  Two things I have never exactly been in to.  But, new experiences are good.  And I do like pretty color.

I am not a runner.  I still can’t believe I got myself into this.

I have been working out more regularly (by more regularly, I mean once or twice a week),  but now that I am not working a million hours a week, I figured I can really try to pick my stamina up.

I sure hope so. Image from


So yes, the month will be filled with research (I love my project!) and running and maybe even a bit of “slacking off” which for me consists of house projects, reading fun books and coffee dates.

Oh boy.

On a side note, I LOVE this movie! Image from