The Annual M Event

We went on mini vacation to the M family reunion this weekend. I do better with it every year.

I think I am getting used to bigger family. I also think I am learning my limits and not pushing myself to do everything with everyone.

I stayed at the cabin by myself after dropping Patrick off to meet his family for the second drive in movie. I found a hatchet in the cabin. I didn’t know whether to be comforted I had a weapon or terrified who left it there.

Saturday was a beach day. I hit the beach for a run first thing, then spent the day there with everyone reading and swimming and capturing marine life.

We played mini golf that night. I beat Patrick and tied for third. It was thrilling.

Sunday was a day for leisurely travel. Spent time relaxing in the morning. We even stopped at a wildlife park!

Good trip. Despite the sunburn that I got even though I applied my SPF 30 every 2 or 3 hours.




First intent to swim beach of the year!

We had our first beach with intent to swim adventure this weekend.

I specify because I like just going on field trips to walk around the beach or explore areas near beaches all the time.

It was still pretty post-tropical stormy, but it was hot out, so we figured the waves would be epic and the beach might not be crowded.

Problem was, we failed to factor in that ocean windy is different even compared to the harbour windy we live every day.

We also forgot that it is still really early in beach season in these parts and that tropical storm/hurricane just passing through would mean cold water.

We got to the beach and the sign read that the air temperature was 16 and the water temperature was 13.  

But, I am stubborn and Patrick is insistent.  We drove an hour.  I put on my bathing suit already.  We are going swimming!

Child and D dug a giant hole in the beach.  They weren’t as hearty stupid as we were.

You kind of felt this searing pain followed by numbness as you entered the water.  It was the kind of cold that made you think you might actually have a heart attack and die.  It was the kind of cold that numbed my still sore-ish toe enough that I couldn’t feel it even when I knew I landed on it wrong jumping in a wave.

The waves were awesome, though.  And there were no jellyfish (probably because the rough waters were murdering them all offshore.  

We might have only stayed in for under 20 minutes.  We might have had to change right after to try to get warm.  But we swam.  And that was awesome (so was Child and D’s hole.  It was as long as Child’s leg.).  Other bonus was that I didn’t get much of a sunburn because I didn’t stay in the water longer than the lifespan of my SPF fifty million and two.  Last bonus was that I got to read some of my current fun book.

I love the beach.  And I love summer weekends where I don’t work (even if I had to spend the rest of my night on clinic prep and reading).

Happy Belated Canada Day and Residency New Year!

Yesterday was Canada Day.

That also means it was start of the new residency year day.

I am officially a PGY3  (well, I am still missing a few evaluations from PGY2, but barring surprise failure, I am a PGY3) and today is my first day of doing actual Radiation Oncology for the rest of residency (minus my medical education elective).  I’m a happy girl.

I started off my first day as an R3 on call.  I’m just festive like that.

It was a sunny, beautiful day.  Everyone and their dog was out for celebrations dressed in red and white and I was off to the hospital (also in red because for some odd reason, having to work made me festive).  I waded through seas of people coming and going to various festivities, dodged a parade route that they were closing strangely early and all of that good stuff before even 9 in the morning.  Getting coffee was a challenge because the first two places I tried were closed.  I had to settle for the very Canadian, but not festive enough to close Tim Horton’s (ugh).

The fact that it is home call, however, was good.  It meant I got to spend some of the afternoon sitting out on the deck with the husband and the cat watching the crazies and waiting for a page.  I even got a little bit of work reading done.  A little bit.  Oh, and we took a M family selfie.10480582_10152674222399316_5582227936371051593_o

Happy day late Canada Day and residency New Years!

Top Ten Books On My Summer 2014 TBR List

Summer is almost here. I finally have my call schedule for July and plans are shaping up for our adventures. That also means it is time for the summer to be read list post with the Broke and the Bookish.

I have read 3.5 of my Spring TBR list books. I looked back to last year’s Summer list and I read 8 of the books that Summer and 9 since I wrote the list. I count that as a win.

As a result, I am splitting the list. No lofty dreaming of 10 new books for me. 5 I have in my possession currently, 5 I will somehow acquire.

  1. Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult. I love the bargain piles at Chapters. This was one of those finds. It also helps that I do find her books easy reads that make me think.
  2. World War Z by Max Brooks. It was on my Spring list, but it is still sitting on my bedside table unread. I need to pick it up. Need.
  3. This Is Your Brain On Music by Daniel Levin.Another Spring list repeat. I will read it this time, promise.
  4. The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules by Catharina Ingelman-Sundberg. I love old people and funny books. Plus, this is one of the books I bought with my birthday gift card from my parents (Thanks!).
  5. And The Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini. I seem to read one of his books every summer lately. They are pretty heavy, but really well written. I am sure it will not disappoint. It is also one of my birthday books!
  6. Something else by Emily Giffin. She is kind of one of my summer reading go-tos. Light, easy reads.
  7. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Powell. Yet another Spring TBR list repeat. I almost bought it last week, but I think I will try to borrow it from the library or something.
  8. Wicked and the rest of the series by Gregory Maguire. I know, another repeat. I really do want to refresh my memory and then find out what happens.
  9. The Maze Runner by James Dasher. I saw the preview to the movie when we went to see The Fault In Our Stars last week and it reminded me that I really wanted to read the book (especially before seeing the movie).
  10. The Giver by Lois Lowry. I have read other things she has written, but not this book. It is coming out as a movie too and I don’t like to see movies before I read the books. I’m not even sure if I want to see the movie, but it does make me remember that I need to read the book.

What is on your Summer to be read list?

Top Ten Beach Bag Books

I LOVE going to the beach. This week’s Top Ten Tuesday with the Broke and the Bookish is therefore right up my alley (in fact, I have done a similar list in the past listing beach readsTwice). The topic is the top ten books that will be in my beach bag this summer or that should be in your beach bag.   I’m splitting the list.

Books that will be in my beach bag:

  1. Someday, Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham. I am currently carrying this around with intent to read it. Since it is nice enough to read outside these days, I hope to maybe scheme at least a quick walk/visit (obviously without swimming… still too cold) this weekend where I will likely read this book.
  2. Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult. Her books often give me rage, but I find them easy reads, even if they follow a certain pattern. I always like books that look at the ethics of medicine and our existence from a human perspective (as opposed to the theoretical… Snore).
  3. Where We Belong or One and Only by Emily Giffin. I need to borrow both of these from the Child. The books are so light and fluffy, they make for excellent beach reads, but they are interesting enough I don’t just space out.
  4. World War Z by Max Brooks. I didn’t watch the movie and I don’t normally have interest in zombies, but I have heard the book is decent and broken up into shorter chunks of intersecting story. Thus, it would be good for beach/travel reading.
  5. The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Rules by Catharina Ingleman-Sundberg. I saw this at a book store and it looks awesome. I quite like nursing home adventures.

Books that should be in your beach bag:

  1. The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith. I read this book over my Christmas vacation and it was awesome. It is light and easy to read, but interesting. I’ve already seen it on a few lists, so it looks like it is shaping up to be a popular pick.
  2. Anything by John Green. The books are funny and often feel like a journey. Plus, they aren’t tough reads. I will forewarn, that they can be emotional, though.
  3. The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson. This books is funny and is another one that makes you feel as if you are going on a journey with the characters. I have already mentioned my love of the elderly in a previous pick, but I will say again, I love stories about old people!
  4. The Truth About Luck by Iain Reid.A book about an unusual summer vacation turned staycation spent with the author’s grandmother.
  5. The Rosie Project by Graeme Simison.I just finished this book last week and it was excellent. Funny, clever and had good flow.

What are some of your beach bag reads?

The 3 Rs… Recreation, Research and Randomness.

I feel like it is time for some updates of randomness.

Patrick decided he is going to do Run or Dye with some men from the church.  He is going to the gym with me today for the first time.  Jeter may become orphaned later this September.

On a Run or Dye note, training is, well, going.  I did previously think that I would die, but I am almost to our team’s goal of doing the 5k in under 40minutes.  Now, to do it outside.  I hate the elements.  Just saying.

I am actually starting to enjoy running.  * Mind blown! *

Patrick and I went out on a date night last week.  His birthday is later this month, but we had a family party while we were home recently and everyone got him Chapter’s gift cards, so we went on a Chapter’s/Starbucks date during which he spent all of the gift cards.  It was exciting.  We even got a couple books I will read

While on this date night, we bought the fabulous card game, “Squarrels.”  I had bought this for a Yankee Swap a few years ago with our small group and it provided us with endless hours of semi-violent entertainment.  The Child and D were over last night and we played our new game and it had a similar result (poor Jeter nearly had a stroke with all the table slapping and yelling).

Yesterday, we went to our favourite beach for one last swim.  Interestingly, the water was probably as warm as or warmer than the air.   The waves, as usual, were epic and the beach was pleasantly empty (because not many people decide it is a good idea to go swimming in September).

This is our new favourite beach (as seen in July... Not September).

This is our new favourite beach (as seen in July… Not September).

On Labour Day weekend, we went to L&C’s trailer again.  There, we had Mountain Dew as a beverage option.  Now, I have never been one to drink Mountain Dew (at least not as an adult).  We discovered that the stuff can make you crazy.  I was a giggling fool for most of the night.  We then decided that this will be our beverage of choice when we finally attempt to play “American Drinking Game” like on the show New Girl as our beer substitute because we just don’t actually drink that much.

Photo props to the Child.

Photo props to the Child.

I found out that the research assistant who helped with the first part of my project failed to send out a chunk of surveys making that chunk data kind of, well, missing.  I am unimpressed by this fact.  It means that I may not be able to look at the long-term effects because it likely has screwed up how the study was powered.  On the bright side, I still have lots of useable stuff, just not in the same way we planned.

I went to a research meeting where I discovered the above.  The supervisor from my department couldn’t make it, so it was me and the other researcher.  She called me Diane the whole meeting.  Not sure why.  But, I didn’t correct her the first couple times because I thought I misheard her, or that it was a one-off thing.  Then, when she kept doing it, it was past the point of it being okay for me to point it out.  So, I spent the hour as “Diane.”  She emailed me immediately following the meeting and called me Trish.  Guess she figured it out.  Whoops.

I have a new obsession with playing Spider Solitaire.  I blame my Research Methods course and my Mother.  The first has been really boring.  The second has a similar addiction that introduced me to the game with our first Windows XP desktop back in high school.

The coffee place at the market at the hospital on Friday did not have lids for their coffee.  So, I had a giant coffee filled to the brim that I then had to maneuver back into the building and up two flights of stairs and down a hall.  I was covered in coffee by the time I hit my desk.  The Child pointed out I should have a thermal mug for these occasions (I did… It got lost in the hospital, so now I am back down to one).  I realize in retrospect that half the problem would have been resolved had I taken the elevator.

Image from

Fall is coming.  I love Fall.  I hate the cold.  Last night was the first night I had to crack out an extra blanket.

Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual Point of View

This week’s photo challenge with the Daily Post is called “An Unusual Point of View.”  It asks us to take a picture in a way we wouldn’t normally, by focusing on something different, using a new angle or framing the shot with something else.

My photo of choice is from our adventures in PEI.  The Child and I rode the ferris wheel while our husbands mini-golfed and L&C canoodled on a bench below.  It was a great time and now looking at the picture, I miss summer already.   I picked the shot because normally I would be inclined to just take a picture of the scenery from the top, but instead, I included the car in front of us.  IMG_0823

Yay Vacation!

I have a mountain of books, a bag packed, lots of sunscreen, bug spray and no work for one full week.

Posting will be sporadic at best.

My last day pre-vacation of work was suboptimal… I had someone die, someone else crash and wind up in ICU and found a wailing, sobbing spouse in the hallway.

Quote of the day, “He is happy.  I mean, he isn’t thrilled that his spleen blew up or that the slew of medications haven’t worked and that we still don’t have a good grasp of what is going on.  But, other than that, he is content.”

On the bright side, Patrick made me chicken parmesan to start off vacation.  And, well, it is vacation!


A/C (air conditioning) and C/H (cat house)

Living on the 11th floor means that our apartment gets obscenely hot, even in the winter.  Last summer, we didn’t live here most of the time, so we lived with fans, open windows and lots of whining.  This year, however, we are living in town full time and have a furry friend to worry about, so we decided to invest in a portable air conditioner.

So, Patrick and I headed to Home Depot on one of my last glorious shift work days (in the pouring rain) to buy an air conditioner.  We found one and I stood waiting while Patrick went to find a cart to put it in to get to the cash and out to the car.  While I was waiting, I was asked by FOUR people working there if I needed assistance.  Every time I answered like a foolish, clueless woman, “No thanks, I’m just waiting for my husband.”  Way to perpetuate the stereotype, Trisha.  On the other hand, I must say Home Depot has some good service!

We bring the air conditioner home and then exist through the rainiest long weekend in a while.  We procrastinate setting up the air conditioner.  In the mean time, Jeter has established the air conditioner box as his new home.  He liked to lay on top of it, scratch at it… All that good stuff.

Finally, today, it is kind of warm out.  And predicted to be scorching for the rest of the week and weekend.

So, post call and warm, we decided to assemble the air conditioner.

Easy enough.  Then we discovered that our apartment building, along with having freakishly high ceilings and ill placed cement beams around windows (see my post about hanging curtains) also has weird windows.  The window fitting thing is made to fit 18 inch windows at their smallest.  We discovered that although the bottom (opening portion of our window measures 18 inches, the actual space where the thing can fit actually only measures 17.5 inches.


So, we try to make it fit in our patio door.  They are freakishly tall.  Also an epic fail.

As a result, my husband who is working on becoming more handy measured and plans to exacto knife off the extra 1/2 inch off, so we can fit it in our window.  This after trying to use one of my kitchen knives to get the job done.

Meanwhile, the cat is having a time trying to attack the plastic ties, and seems distraught his box is an open cavern.

So, I did what any reasonable person cat lover on a budget who is ridiculously cheap would do.

I made the box into a giant cat house (clearly, this is another step in our becoming crazy minions to our cat).

We have been considering getting Jeter a cat tree because he loves to climb to high places, but all the same, we also are very aware that he has not been a huge fan (minus applying cat nip) of his scratching post or the box I made a bed for him in when we first got him.  Plus, they can be ugly and overpriced.

So, since we have the box anyway and it is currently filling a space that I want to get a shelf for, I decided to concoct a cat house for Jeter out of something he already loves.  photo

I even made a door, so he can hide inside (although he has been avoiding going in, even though he hides out in our luggage, dressers and any other confined space).   I went at the sucker with the staple gun and attached one of the plastic ties he likes to attach and one of his balls on a string.

Unfortunately, I, the one who was only sawing cardboard with a knife as opposed to the plastic vent holder, managed to break a knife. Fortunately, no body was impaled in the making of this cat house.

Who knows, if it sticks, I may even paint it.

I clearly need more sleep.