Hooked on a YouTube series

One of me latest (and by latest, I really mean last two months or so) distractions instead of studying or working on my research has been watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries on YouTube.

I had heard about them months ago because the Child (who is all knowing when it comes to the depths of YouTube) told me about the series.  I decided I wanted to check it out when I had time.

Ah, time… That mysterious thing I dream about at times…

Anyway, then, the series won an Emmy.

True story.

Finally, on research month, once Patrick one day suggested that I actually not do work during lunch, I checked the show out.

It is hilarious.

Modernized Pride and Prejudice vlog style.

I am somewhere around episode 80 and am sad that it will soon come to an end.

Probably one of the best book to “movie” adaptations ever.  Especially given that it was entirely modernized, which I think makes it more acceptable.

I can’t believe I am hooked on a YouTube series.

Check it out from the beginning (I’ll make it easy and include the first episode below).

I really need to study for the LMCC.  Really.

Free flight, fish tank sushi and my species

I am at a big rad onc conference this week.

When we arrived last night, Patrick reported to me that there appeared to be lots of  “my kind” around.

As if we are some sort of weird species.

I suppose we kind of are.  But, I quite like it.

I went in knowing 3 people there.  I went to a forced socialization event (otherwise known as a social with drinks and finger foods) and met new people (based on my post from Sunday, you will know this is quite a feat for me).  I generally like other rad onc residents.  I guess they are “my kind.”

Today, I geeked it out a resident refresher course.  Basically a review of various tumor site management and some physics.  I was a happy girl.  Except for the career counselling part where they suggested the job situation still sucks and we should consider doing our American boards and such (that part makes me nauseous).

Image from shutterstock.com.

In other news, my sucky flight karma continues.  We decided to fly Porter, this smaller Canadian airline that has had rave reviews from everyone I know.  A giant leap from Air Canada.

We get there and as it turns out, their computer system crashed.  Apparently, a fire alarm went off at the company Avatar (coolest name ever, right?) and the sprinklers went off, thus shutting down the server that provides service to a bunch of airlines, including the one we were flying.  So, they checked us in manually.  I mean they wrote down everything about us, cross checked the info with a list and hand wrote our checked luggage.  We wound up being delayed massively because they had to board everyone by hand and calculate all the plane stuff too.


I want to know the formulas for the weight and balance though.  Planes are fascinating stuff.

Anyway, we were an hour and a half late arriving.

As a result I missed the season premiere of New Girl.  This was the most upsetting part of the ordeal for me.

Image from tumblr.com.

And honestly, it was one of the least unpleasant delays or plane mishaps I have had.

Then, today, the airline emails me telling me we each got a voucher for a round-trip on Porter for use before March 18.  A FREE TRIP.

I feel like we won a leg of the freaking Amazing Race.

Image from CTV.ca

We have a free flight!

We get to go on a cheap trip!

How cool is that?

Needless to say that was a bit distracting for the later part of the conference today.

So yes, I am a happy girl.  I have my husband, a free trip and I am at a conference learning about one of my favourite things (yes, I know it is my job, but it is a good thing) in a lovely city.

Oh, and we ate sushi today on top of a fish tank (true story).

Top Ten Books I Would Like To See As A Movie or TV Show

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday with the folks at the Broke and the Bookish is the top ten books I’d like to see as a movie or TV show.

I am not a big book into movie person.  In fact, I have mixed feelings about the whole concept.  I always want to go see movies based on books I have read, but I almost always get aggravated at how they didn’t do it the way I would have wanted or pictures.  That being said, lots of books have potential to make good movies (potential is the key word here).

I did this list last May (check it out), but I will make another go of it and avoid repeats.  I tend to be oblivious to pop culture, so it is likely that half of these are already in the works to be made into movies, but I will at least try to avoid series that are on their way sooner rather than later like The Hunger Games.

  1. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.  Yes, I am aware that this is being made into a movie and it looks fantastic, so I am including it.  I only stipulate that Death needs to narrate and keep the dark humor in it… Otherwise I will be crushed.
  2. Paper Towns by John Green.  The characters in this book cracked me up, plus it is full of action and randomness.  It would make a great movie, light with just the right amount of geekery and romance.
  3. 11/22/63 by Stephen King.  This could be a movie or a TV series if things were kept appropriate to the timeline and such.  Lots of characters, lots of drama.  It has potential to be an epic creation, just like the book.
  4. The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson.  Again, this could be an epic movie, kind of like Forest Gump, but it would need to be kept true to the timeline and eras and such.  Plus, casting of the crazy characters would be key, particularly in making sure the old mand is sufficiently aged.
  5. The Circle series by Ted Dekker.  I am not sure if I would watch it because the book was barely in my liking of genres, but it was a fascinating read and it is sufficiently long and full of characters and such that it would make a good TV series.  It could also do movie, but I feel like TV would do it more justice.
  6. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.  Classic chick flick.  I am not a huge fan of such things, but yet I have a strange weakness for them at times.  I would totally see this.  I’d probably laugh and mock, but I would watch it.
  7. A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen.  Wonderful feel good story for a movie.  I have heard it is in the works, but I watched an interview with James Bowen a few weeks ago and it wasn’t mentioned, although he has another books out that I need to read (The World According To Bob).
  8. Wicked by Gregory Maguire.  I know it is a musical that I long to see (but may or may not have the soundtrack memorized), but I would love to see this (and possibly the other books from the series I have not yet read) crafted into a movie of sorts.  Even just the musical in movie form would do, although I would love it if it were a bit truer to the book.
  9. House Rules by Jodi Picoult.  I liked how this book presented how things are not always how they may appear and how life is impacted when there is a child with special needs in the family and how autism is seen in society.  Definitiely a movie, not TV show.
  10. The House of God by Samuel Shem.  Either a TV series (because medical TV shows are a dime a dozen these days) or a well put together movie.  The characters are crazy, it is more realistic than at least half the stuff on TV, but I think the key will be keeping it set in the era it was written.

What are some books you would like to see be made into movies or TV series (and not butchered)?

Saturday Summary

Today has been a day of adventure.

I cleaned like a mad dog this morning.

We watched the newest episode of The Big Bang Theory and I could totally relate to Sheldon’s angst with being unable to complete something.  It pretty much was my life.

Image from gifsoup.com

I made fudge.  Said fudge boiled over in the microwave creating a giant sticky fudgey mess.  The fudge bowl then soldified onto our countertop.  While retrieving the beaters to mix up my fudge that was not coating half of my kitchen, I somehow knocked my rice cooker out of the cupboard leading to the lid shattering all over the place.

The fudge turned out.

We do have to buy a new rice cooker.

I made guacamole and impaled myself with a fork.  Try to figure out how that happened… I can’t.

We went on a field trip for coffee and went to a pub for supper.  We found a used bookstore dangerously close to our apartment and I finally bought Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  I would have considered the trip a success solely on the fact I didn’t destroy anything else en route.

We hosted resident fun night of awesomeness, which included games and much food.  My evening highlight was playing Quelf, although I am sure the same can’t be said for everyone.  Patrick, however, was pleased to finally win his first game of Apples To Apples.

To top things off, the Habs won their last game of the season against the Leafs.

Oh, and I found this fabulous series of YouTube videos of people from a nursing home dancing to various pop songs. I want to be that awesome when I get old.



Image from weheartit.com.

All Things Green, Patricky or Snake-ish… A St. Patrick’s Day Post

Today is Patrick’s favourite day… St. Patrick’s day… Or as he was calling it today on Facebook, “St. Me Day.”

I would like to point out that I dug out a green sweater to wear today (that and it was a warm sweater and it is often cold in church).  I feel like that is leading me to embrace some of the Irish culture I married in to.  I would also like to point out that my very Irish husband is not wearing green, but teal… A color that is more akin to blue in my opinion, although I will give him the green undertones thing.

For more green fun, I have a friend who made green pancakes today.  And apparently some folks dyed a Chicago river green (that, my friends, is a lot of food colouring).

Our cake looked like this before it baked… Except slightly darker… And much darker on the way out. Image via jennicanknit.blogspot.ca.

Speaking of food colouring… Once, when I was 11 or 12, my friend V and I were at her house and decided to bake a cake from scratch.  So, we found a recipe for a white cake.  But, we thought said white cake would be more fun if it were not white.  So, we dyed it my favourite colour at the time, green.  Except we got a bit keen on the food colouring, so it turned out to be a really, really dark green… Like garbage bag coloured.  Then, she picked her favourite colour for the icing… Pink.  We were scared of it turning red, so we were so easy on the red food colouring it was a flesh-tone sort of pink.  We presented it to her parents after supper and could not figure out why they weren’t super game on eating it.  As I recall, it looked disgusting.  And I don’t even like white cake that much, but I thought it was pretty good.

For some Irish flair to today’s post, I present to you the “Leprachaun Brothers” singing “O Danny Boy.”  You just have to love the Muppets!

This little diddy made me laugh through all kinds of tough times (well, Patrick finding it on YouTube and playing it for me did).  One of my med school friends and I used to sing this at times each taking one of the characters and doing the harmonies.  Sometimes it was sporadic, but other times it was brought on by this hymn we sang in choir at the palliative care memorial services that was to the same tune.

In other St. Patrick’s day related stuff, he apparently drove snakes out of Ireland.  I just thought I would take this random post full of unrelated stuff to share about how I watched a snake hunter show the morning of my wedding with my parents in their bed at 6am.  And my mother, who is terrified of snakes freaked out repeatedly.  What a way to spend some of my last hours of single-ness.

We had a friend in high school who had a pet snake.  I wanted to borrow it sometime.  She assured us the only time it bit was if you happened to smell like a mouse.  Pro-tip… Don’t ever smell like mouse in the presence of a snake.

Lastly, the name Patrick makes me think of two things besides my husband… And neither of them are the day.  Both are commercials from the 90s.  One is a life insurance commercial in which a son (Patrick) calls up his Dad to report he took out life insurance.  We always used to quote this line, “Patrick took out life insurance!  Good for you, son!” at Patrick when we first met him.  The other is a Canadian Heritage moment about how we got some good Irish names. 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Transports and T-Shirts

After a semi-frightening drive home from, well, home last night, I still lack proper energy to write a proper post.

I swear I will write about the wedding we attended in the midst of the blizzard that made the drive home the next day an adventure and such some other time.

I will share this humorous quote from Patrick just after aborting an attempted transport truck pass secondary to the lane being covered in snow and ice.

The pleasure I take in passing big trucks isn’t stronger than my will to live.

We always have a good time on road trips discussing hypotheticals, rocking out to good music and other random shenanigans.   Also, who can’t forget the epicness of my backseat driving (I am sure Patrick wanted to pop me an Ativan or ten last night)…

The fun road trip music combined with this episode of The Big Bang Theory made me decide I clearly need Raj’s shirt.  Or another similar accessory.  Life would be more fun if others could hear the sound track I feel needs to be playing outside of my head.

Medicine in television and why I love to hate it

Patrick and I had an interesting conversation last night.

I was post-call and still sleepy and cranky and irritated that I was to be on-call yet again today (this is somewhat key).

He was telling me about this new TV show he watched Thursday night called Do No Harm.  He loved it.  The premise is kind of like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  The story of a gifted neurosurgeon who happens to have an alter ego that comes out at night.  He had had this beast controlled for a while, but now it is rearing its ugly head.

Sounds kind of intriguing and crazy all at the same time.

The thing is that while Patrick is telling me about this show I became more and more enraged.

Actually, maybe it is more plausible than I gave it credit for (I am basing this on that I get kind of crazy after a night of no sleep).

But not really.

Patrick says that is the beauty in the show.  It is ridiculous, just like all of the vampire shows with the human loving vampires and such.

Fair enough.

The thing that blew my mind was that yet again, here is another show about a doctor.  A doctor who apparently does not work after like 8:00 at night or before 8 in the morning because his crazy alter ego would probably off things.  And did I mention the whole neurosurgeon thing?

Do you know how many neurosurgeons there are?

Not that many.

And yet I can think of at least three shows where they have been featured (Everwood, Grey’s Anatomy, and now Do No Harm).  And they are always “gifted.”  Never your average neurosurgeon.

In fact, when I think about medical TV shows… They are almost always about surgeons or surgical-related specialties.

This got me more ticked off at Patrick’s show (because clearly I would have been at all bothered if it was about a GP or an Internist… Not quite).

He explained to me that this is because people think surgery is interesting.  This from the man who has to look away during most surgical scenes.

Of course, this rotted me even more.

Surgery is cool, I get it.  But other things are cool too.

I started posing questions about loopholes.

For instance how did this guy get through four years of med school, five years of residency and then likely another couple years of fellowship being that crazy (actually, I am sure it is possible)?  And then how does one swing a job with no nights in a hospital (again, possible, but usually only when you are older and more powerful)?

The whole thing blows my mind.

He told me sometimes you just have to enjoy the plot as is and understand that some of the loopholes may not have been explained away yet.

I struggle with that.   But  understand that he is fine with it.  Good for him.

So, I told him about my idea to make a realistic medical TV show.  Not reality TV… Just realistic.  Where people say words properly… Or when they don’t it is a known error.  Where a CT scan actually is a CT scan, not an MRI.

Maybe about med students and how much they study and then study some more.  About how they lose touch with people they care about because of the time they spend wrapped up in their own worlds.  And how some of them party harder than college undergrads because that is an escape.  And that almost none of them have any money except for student loans and a line of credit.

Maybe about residents who get dropped into all sorts of situations they don’t feel the least bit prepared for and how sometimes someone else bails them out and sometimes stuff just goes wrong.  Looking again at how they spend more time with each other sometimes than their own spouses.  Pointing out that the majority do not sleep with their attendings or their peers or anyone at all for that matter.  In fact, it is tough to find time to date your own spouse let alone someone else.  Looking at how they create lives outside of the hospital from time to time just to get sucked into work again.  Looking at how they still have to study and write exams and all that good stuff.  The reality that people can indeed fail and not get taken back.

Or it could be about physicians.

Maybe a whole department.

But, nothing shiny and glossy like surgery (not that surgery is at all shiny and glossy).  The ER is good, but it has been done.  Public hospitals… None of this pretty rich American hospital stuff.  A place where people come because they don’t want to be out on the street anymore.  Where it is hard to get some people to leave.  Where there are language barriers and rich people and poor people all in the same room.

And not a profession that everyone thinks is epic.  Maybe one that is more common… What about an Internist?  Like House, but normal because normal places don’t have diagnosticians.  Or a Pediatrician?  Or less common but not “cool”… Gasps… An Oncologist or a Geriatrician?  Would that be too depressing… Too close to home for people to swallow.  Not pretty enough for TV?

So I am sure I won’t have broadcasters breathing down my neck for my ideas.  Plus, I know the real stuff is not always the things they want to necessarily know about the people who take care of them.  And it can be pretty boring sometimes.  And I get that people prefer funny and dramatic and action-filled.  But real life has that stuff too.

Heck, I am not sure if I would want to watch a realistic show about someone living life like me (okay, maybe I would).

I have written about it before, but I have to say again, it bothers me how TV treats different professions, particularly medicine.  And law (although I like that HIMYM actually has Marshall go through crap to get through school and get a job and such… a bit more real).  I am sure cops get ticked at the fallacies during some of their televised air time too.

It is fine to make a show with an obviously fictional element (which sounds like it is going to flop… Sorry Patrick).  But, it drives me crazy when people just presume that is your life.  Or that aside the obvious fiction it is realistic.

Patrick knows the truth.  He just loves alternate reality/timeline/personality stuff.  And he tends to pick shows at least 50% of the time that crash and burn in the first season.

He also tends to tell me about them.  And this time it was when I was tired and the reality of life was getting me down.  At least it led to an entertaining conversation about his TV habits and my future television series.

And yes, I watch lots of medical TV shows.  I weep regularly at Grey’s.  I tried to solve the puzzles on House.  Everwood  was a staple until it ended a few years back.

Just because they make me crazy doesn’t mean I don’t like them.

So, to each their own with their television viewing.  We all have our guilty pleasures and our secret dreams.  One of mine happens to be bashing medical TV, but then watching it all the while contemplating reality.  Patrick’s happens to be a bit different than mine.  At least we have some shows in common (almost entirely non-medical and non-science fiction-ish in nature).

Random Bits

Some random bits of my week without any rhyme or reason (no apologies for disjointedness)…

Hockey is back.  And I believe it now that I see it.  I am not one of those fans who was so ticked off I refuse to watch.  I really did miss it when it was gone.   Last night, I watched the first period of the Habs game in broken-up slow motion thanks to poor streaming from a sketchy website.  I thought now that we have cable and a nice TV things would be better this year… The problem is we still don’t have every game televised.  And we can’t afford the NHL channels.  The Habs won, though.  Very good news to wake up to in the morning.

I am on Hepatology right now.  It is a learning curve.  My attending is awesome and loves to grill with questions.  I see it as a personal challenge; even though this is the most stunned I have felt since starting Cardiology last month.  Livers are interesting, I must say.  It has been slow clinically, but I have been making up for that with all sorts of required reading assignments.  I am such a geek.

Yesterday, I decided to fix our vacuum cleaner.  If you don’t know, I am the handy one in the family.  I just have some mad scientist in me.  Also, I am terrified of the vacuum cleaner.  So is the cat.  But, Patrick has been noting for the past number of weeks that the actual vacuum has no suck, even though the hose still works, despite him emptying the bin.  Turns out the rubber belt thingie (technical term) is broken. I disassembled the whole thing to figure that out.  He was going to go buy the part today and tomorrow I will put it all back together again (hopefully).  The poor cat nearly had a stroke with the vacuum being out long enough for me to mangle it.

Patrick gave me a cold.  Who says I work in a germy place?  I am pretty sure  kids are sicker than most of my liver patients, at least from an airborne contagious perspective.

On a related note, my tonsils hate me.  They are huge and whenever I get sick they get huger (not a word, but fitting in this case).  Swallowing is a challenge.  I really should consider getting them resected.  But, they will only do that multiple documented episodes of tonsillitis in a year.  And I will only get them documented if my own documentation counts.    I don’t think it does.  So, like my wisdom teeth, I will procrastinate until I develop a real problem.

Secondary to the whole tonsil issue… Soup and tea are wonderful inventions.

I finally finished reading The Circle by Ted Dekker last night.  It took me over a month.  It was awesome.  I recommend it.  I am also excited to start reading a book that fits in my purse and doesn’t weigh more than some of my textbooks again.

Sometimes, when I am on call and have down time, I start to read my fun book and then I get angry inside when someone pages and “rudely” interrupts my fun reading.  I do not quite have the same reaction if I am studying.

I met a random lady on the hospital shuttle.  She told me her entire life story and all about books she has written and how she decided to go back to university after retiring to get her B.A. and how she intends to travel across Canada after she graduates, just because.  She didn’t tell me her name.  She looked to be at least in her mid 60s.  Good for her.

I have a single white hair in my bangs.  I keep trying to pull it out even though some people say you shouldn’t do that.  I can’t seem to get to it because whenever I notice it, I am in a rush to do something else.

We have friends from the Rock visiting this weekend.  And friends from home moving to town.  Yay.

What randomness is occurring during your week?


Patrick and I watched a fabulous episode of Community during the marathon last weekend.  It was the remedial chaos theory episode in which they inadvertently make 6 different timelines (well, 7 actually). 

Other than being absolutely priceless, the episode was actually a good example of chaos theory.

It was also a kind of realistic look at life, in a sense.  Sometimes a simple slight change in events has the potential to change the course of other subsequent events.

Yes, I think we have choice.  And yes, I think those choices impact where we are going and what happens.  But yes, I also think God is in control of the situation and knows what will happen and can protect us or put other things in our path.

Now, I am not going to get into a free will versus predestination argument.  The whole think always gets me confused.   We have choice and God knows where we are going.  He has a plan, but loves us enough to let us make choices.  Like parents.  Life is like a playground.  It is all good, so long as we stay in the playground (to quote one of Patrick’s favourite mentors).

But seriously, have you ever looked back at a big or small decision in your life.  Something that actually changed you in a big way, even if it seemed not quite so consequential in the past.

For instance, I decided after many years of planning on moving for undergrad to stay home for school.  There, I met Patrick, got into the whole medicine thing and did many things I probably wouldn’t have, had I  gone away for school.  If I look at where I was headed had I moved, I would be a very different person and there is a good chance I would not be where I am (unless God put a bunch of other stuff in my path, which He very well could have).

Patrick and I sometimes get a good laugh at looking at alternate possibilities.  What our lives would be like now if I had matched elsewhere.  If we had waited to get married.  If we didn’t get our bat crazy cat.

The good thing is that even if we could create multiple timelines or if we could know what happened if we made different choices, we can’t change it.  So, we might as well embrace the time that we have.  Nonetheless, I would be interested in finding out what happens or would happen.

Rainbow Sprinkle Cake

I am making rainbow sprinkle party cake cupcakes for our festive resident hang-out tonight.IMG_3764

You know, the ones that come in a box.  And were once accompanied by rainbow sprinkle frosting (which is no longer produced in Canada).

They taste like rainbow-y childhood deliciousness.

There is an ice cream that reproduces their goodness.  But the actual cake is so good!  The ice cream may be somewhat better because it is like the cake AND ice cream.

Sometimes, little bits of childhood are the best.  Those little tastes of familiarity.

Like playing old school Nintendo-like Mario on the Wii.  It might be a bit different (and you get to throw eacho ther and play cooperatively), but it is similar enough to feel homey.

Or, old school Christmas specials.  Like the animated Grinch or ?claymation Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Or those songs that bring you back.  For instance, I go back every time I hear songs from Dirty Dancing, even though I only saw the movie for the first time last year (my parents had the cassette soundtrack in the car).

It has been one of those weeks that felt really busy and now I am off for the weekend and it feels so good.  Kind of like when school is out for Christmas, even though it isn’t actually done until next week.  For whatever reason, it makes me feel more child-like.

I don’t see any harm in those sorts of flashbacks from time to time.  It is a good reminder of the joy and innocence of childhood and the small joys of life.

When I think of Jesus coming as a baby around this season, it reminds me that He got to enjoy those little bits of fun in childhood.  Obviously not rainbow sprinkle cake or Rudolf, but those small joys that come from being human and growing up.  It reminds me that He does get us, more than we sometimes give Him credit for.  He was fully man and yet is God and gets joys that we don’t even grasp.

That thought makes me even more happy than colorful cake or a song.  He knows so much, He gets us and He is our savior.  I can’t imagine it, but yet the thought of little Jesus learning and growing and yet being God is such an amazing thought.  Especially looking at children and their wonder and innocence and sheer excitement.

I am glad I have that kind of joy.  I wish I had the joy of a child every day, but that is something I can only work and pray towards.  The joy comes easier this time of year, especially when thinking of our Lord and King.

I am also glad I have rainbow sprinkle cake!  Yum!

Furthermore, I realize that this post has food, video games, Dirty Dancing and Jesus in it… The combination is quite bizarre, as is the thought process.  I am sure there is someone out there who things the combo is blasphemous or something.  Whatever.  It works for me.  Welcome to my mind.