Last Call… Neuro (not EtOH) Edition

Tonight is my last night of Neurology call.

I am a happy girl.

I am going to be a sleepy girl.

I was already in to admit a stroke.  I know I have a direct admission coming at some point later tonight.  And odds are something else will go down in the next 10 hours.

Exciting parts of tonight were plentiful thus far, though.

I correctly identified a giant brainstem stroke based on exam findings and confirmed it with finding the lesion on the MRI.

Not all strokes are obvious like this. Image from

In correctly identifying the giant brainstem stroke, I managed to actually elicit a few findings on neurologic exam I don’t often get to see like  clonus, unilateral hyperreflexia (complete with 4+reflexes) and an up going babinski reflex (translation: signs of upper motor neuron lesions aka something higher level than peripheral nerves).

Image from

Patrick kept supper for me in the microwave.  I got to garnish it with the deliciousness that is Siracha sauce that has become my favourite grocery purchase this week.

*Kind of Spoiler Alert*: Sheldon and Amy on The Big Bang Theory tonight.  So awkward (to the point that they make me feel better about my own level of awkward).  So cute (in a way that I don’t find nauseating).

This was not the episode I am talking about, but I do love these dance moves. Image from

As much as it sucks that I know I am guaranteed to have to go back in sometime in the next couple hours, I also know that this call is much better than in-house call.  Also, I will likely be in hospital doing this next admission that I will get to be post-call tomorrow and possibly get paid for a full night of work.    The issue is that I will probably also be too sleepy to enjoy most of the day because of my post-call-ish-ness.  I can always hope otherwise, though.  I am getting better at being post-call.  If there is such a thing.

I feel like I could do better than this… Some days. Image from

Plus, I am looking forward to tomorrow night when I finally get to redeem my Christmas present from Patrick by going to a dinner theatre that is a parody called “The Big Twang Theory.”

Good things.  Good things.

I will need this reminder a bit later tonight when I am sleepier and crankier.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

This week’s photo challenge is entitled “Culture.”

I find culture a perplexing concept because one person can have many cultures in a sense and yet they kind of all combine to make that person’s individual culture.  The first thing that comes to mind for me is the culture of a nation.  The second this is a culture of bacteria (not quite the same thing).  And the third is the notion of being “cultured” in the arts and such.

I am going with the third definition today… And with that definition comes a few photos of us being “cultured.”