Kind of like undergrad with moose and a book.

Patrick is driving up to pick me up after a week of Internal Medicining it up in my new favorite rural community.  I have my suitcase all full of laundry and a plan to hit Jungle Jim’s on the way home, but not to hit any moose (because that is bad).

Living here has been nice.  Much better than the CaRMS tour.  Less rock star hotel hopping and more second home like.  Except its still not home because my cooking ingredients are limited and I am down a spouse and a car.  Plus, I get quiet nights listening to music and reading on couches with the roommate (or listening to her try to get her parents to Skype… Best moment of all “Dad, I can’t see you its too dark.” “But the lights are on.”  “Well, it is pitch black.  Do you have something on the webcam.”  “Oh, maybe that plastic on the webcam has something to do with it.  I didn’t want to take it off until I was sure it was safe.”  “You think?  Take it off.”).

Patrick was warning me that he was not going to do all of my laundry when I get home because I am now a “grown up.”  He was joking… I think.

This whole living in an apartment with a friend from school is like university.  I go home on the weekend and do my laundry, see my friends, mooch food and then I come back here.  To a world of work and hanging out with the roommate.  I think it is kind of like undergrad.  Living in res.  Except with work and no parties (unless you count when we watched The Big Bang Theory and Parks and Rec last night).

Oh, and I don’t have a car.  I had a car in undergrad (except first year).  I do not have one here.  So, I walk.  Down the giant hill in the morning (not bad except when it is icy, then it is kind of like luging on my feet) and up it at night.  This is the biggest hill of all.  It winds so it is easier for vehicles to get up.  And easier for me to almost get hit repeatedly by fast driving cars going around the turns.  Interestingly, there is no gym here, but I am still getting in great shape with the hike up said hill.

On a bright note, I did not get called last night.  There were two consults in the middle of the night, but the doctor did not call me because he didn’t want me to get run over walking down the hill in the middle of the night.  Very much appreciated.    I like my body in one piece.  And my sleep.

Good thing too… This whole only one drink other than water thing would have been problematic if I was sleep deprived.  Hello coffee cravings.  Stronger than the ones I get anyway.  My original undergrad brought about that whole thing.  Before university I though coffee was gross.  Darn Tim Horton’s in both the hospital and library.  I drank a lot of coffee.  And juice.  I still do normally.  This is making me very grateful for tap water, though.  So cool.

Okay, so its not like undergrad at all… No coffee, no parties, no papers to write (minus blog), living with one person in a nice apartment, “working” (but hardly… easiest week of Internal Medicine of life).  But let me imagine.  I lived at home during my undergrad.  And likely would have hated res.  But still.

The drive home should be fun.  The beauty part of living in this lovely island of a province is that the place is infested with moose.  We don’t have deer or skunks or snakes… But moose.

Bull moose browses beaver pond near Grand Tetons

Image via Wikipedia

They aren’t even native to here.  Some idiot about 200 years ago thought they would thrive here and make good food… So he brought a few over.  They thrived all right.   Moose are a serious problem.  They kill people.  They are so huge that when your car hits one, they crush you, kill people on impact.  Ridiculous.  So, the province has installed lots of signage warning about moose.  There are moose sightings on the radio.  There are even “moose sensors” on the highway (these are new)… They flash if a moose moves between two of them… I am fairly certain that most days you see the moose before the lights.  I don’t want to test that theory.  You get conditioned to looking for the moose.  You don’t drive at dusk or dawn if humanly possible.  They are beautiful.  If they are very, very far from the road.  They are also delicious to eat.  Moose hunting is big here.  And they are giving out more licenses now… To control the population.

Jungle Jim’s (the restaurant, not the supermarket), however, is native to this lovely province.  It too thrives.  There are a ridiculous number of Jungle Jim’s.  The theme song is on every radio station at least once an hour.  I swear.

On my last aside of a very tangential post, I am reading Hockey Stories Vol. 2 by Don Cherry.  Very light read.  Very fun read.  It is written in a very bounce around, random story style.  Kind of like this post.  I haven’t read volume 1, but I got this book for Patrick for Christmas last year and he really enjoyed it, so I thought I would give it a try.  I do like Don Cherry, even if he is random and ranty and a bit on the questionably senile side.  I want to be that spry when I am his age (he says saunas keep him going… Mental image is nasty.  I hate saunas, so that can’t be my trick to staying spry).  The book has stories about his adventures doing stuff for Hockey Night in Canada, as well as his days playing hockey and raising his family.  I have to say, the guy comes off as crazy, but he makes some good points about player safety and respect and supporting the troops.  If you are looking for something light and humorous, this is a great one to pick up.

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