Breakfast and a library: being “festive” on the long weekend

I worked an overnight shift last night, so I felt horrendously tired this morning.  Probably because I went to bed at 5 and was too wound up to sleep until at least 6:30, which isn’t that much earlier than I naturally wake up.  So, my morning was actually when I was woken up by Patrick at 1.

Did I mention I hate shift work?

The good thing is that it was my second to last shift.  And my next one is a day shift.  I quite like day shifts (although the nights are nice because then we can go out and do errands like normal people during the day… like open a savings account like legitimate adults).

The other good thing is that my night shift was relatively sedate.  As it turns out, Friday nights on long weekends are less crazy when it is pouring rain.  The weather keeps some of the craziness away or prevents it from happening.  As someone who doesn’t adore suturing, drunk people or mass traumas, I am cool with that.  Plus, it is nice to not see people getting mangled.

Anyway, back to my “morning…  Patrick is my superhero because he made me blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup.  It is my first actual breakfast food breakfast in bed.  And I was literally woken up to a plate by my face.

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The way to my heart is through my stomach.

Our post-overnight shift and first day of the Canada Day long weekend festivities were riveting.

We went to the library.

In our defense, it is pouring rain, I have to work again tomorrow and, well, the library is awesome.

Going to the library is generally trouble for me because I always want to get a bunch of books and I still have a heap to read at home and I have this thing called a day job.  I picked up three books… Baby Proof by Emily Giffin, Half Baked by Alexa Stevenson, and a book both Patrick and I will read called The Uke of Wallington by Mark Wallington.  I could have grabbed ten, so I consider it an accomplishment.

The library was a suspiciously popular place today.  Like, parking lot full and crawling with kids kind of popular.

As it turns out it was sign up day for the Summer reading program.  And, well, it was also raining.

I felt all nostalgic.  Apparently, now a days, you can win prizes for the number of books you read.  When I was a kid, we got stamps for every ten we read and a book mark.  Gosh, I miss those days.

Now, we are back in and safe from the sogginess.  Who knows, maybe we will attempt to go out and be social and try to do some Canada Day festivities tomorrow night after work or on Monday.  We will at least creep on the fireworks while the cat freaks out.

I am looking forward to reading, and Patrick is being a superstar and cooking supper.  We are so festive.

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