Sheila’s Brush?

Trisha, Patrick and Jag, meet Sheila’s Brush.

Yesterday, we had an appointment to take Jag, our beloved 8 year old (car) to get her winter boots taken off, and get a check/up and such (for more explanation on why Jag is called Jag refer to the post here).  Jag did great and we somehow managed to come out not significantly poorer than when we went in… Always a good day.

Anyway, when Patrick dropped him off, the guy at the garage kindly pointed out that we are to have a snowstorm tomorrow (today).  Despite this and remembering that the last two years we haven’t had our winter tires off until mid-May because we waited until the April rush, we opted to get Jag’s shoes changed and hope for the best.

**On a completely unrelated note, when I was picking Jag up, the guy at the garage who is fascinated with the fact that our car has so much mileage asked if we were going to have a party when we reach 300,000km.  I said probably.  I told Patrick this.  He thinks it is a great idea.**

Alright, back to the main story…

So, last night at small group, we watched for the snow to start (which it did at approximately 11pm) and discussed the pending “Snowmegeddon” as we call it.  This year, we have had a few storms that were so-called “Snowmegeddons,” but most kind of turned out to be not much of anything.  There should be a qualifier that “not much of anything” is still definitely something.  But, perhaps this would be a big Snowmegeddon… And almost in April.  We got strangely excited, the sick people we are.

All of this late March/early April snow is not unusual.  One year, we had two late March snow days.  There is always a good April storm or two.  Snow keeps falling from time to time until at least May.  One year, I remember there being a couple centimeters the last week in May.  Ugh.

One of our friends is from Florida and she was telling us how she used to pray that God would send them snow.  I think He listened… He just waited a few years until she moved.  Too funny.  Especially when as soon as the snow started, she bolted out to go home before it accumulated at all.

Out our front door this morning. Oh, how delightful.

Nonetheless, leave it to us to get our tires off (yes, by choice) before the snow is over.   It has just been that kind of winter.  We also got our winter tires on the day after the first giant snowstorm.   Epic fail.  At least we are fairly well adjusted to winter driving.  Unfortunately, we live in the middle of a hill.

So, what is with the Sheila’s Brush thing?  Well, I was trying to check the weather online and I found this article on The Weather Network.  Apparently Sheila’s Brush is a winter storm that traditionally falls on St. Patrick’s day (but can fall on other days in early spring) that is supposed to sweep away the rest of winter.  I sure hope it does.  But, being realistic, I think we still have a bit of winter to go.  Just not quite as much as we are getting in one giant heap here.

It sometimes seems frustrating the weather we get on this blasted island.  Everyone else is starting to get sunshine and warmth and we get a small blizzard.  But, on the bright side, it is generally really beautiful.  And friendly.  And unique.  I think it makes up for the disgusting weather.

Out one of our kitchen windows. The beauty of living in a basement apartment in this lovely land.

Plus, the weather always gives you something to talk about.  When you live in the city that was deemed to have the worst weather in the country, it has to be of some sort of benefit.

So, enjoy your sunshine.  We will be possibly going sledding later today.  And I have to try to make my way out to get a hair cut (sounds ridiculous, but it will be SO worth it).  The beauty of snow days is that when there is nowhere you really have to be, you have no choice but to relax and have a bit of fun (minus the shoveling).

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