Top Ten Posts That Give You The Best Glimpse of Me

I will be honest and say that I generally get a bit excited about Top Ten Tuesdays with the Broke and Bookish.  There are a few reasons for this.  Part of it is because I love books.  Another piece is that I love lists.  But the third piece is that it is the one day of the week where I have a predetermined topic. 

As a result, this week’s Top Ten Tuesday threw me off a bit.  Not because it is a freebie week, but because it is about me.  Not so much the books.  You see, this week is the Top Ten Posts That Give You The Best Glimpse of Me.  So, no books (at least not specifically).  Instead, this gives some slightly easier to be read list additions, a list of posts that either I think were awesome or say something about me.  Given most of the blog is about me or my adventures, this should be easy.  But, it wasn’t.

Christmas with my friends the giant microbes for the tree.

  1. Hug Haters Unite.  I have an irrational dislike for physical touch from most other people.  It disturbs me so much, I wrote a post about it, complete with hug typing.  It give you a hint of my sense of humor, my touch dislike and the world I live in.
  2. Community… The Christian Kind… Not the TV Show.  I am one of those people who have many friends who are just like family.  We have them at home and away.  And sadly, we are still lacking that kind of gang in our new home, but I wrote this post all about the loveliness of our small group and the value of a good solid community in our lives.
  3. A Few of My Favourite Things.  Not my most creative post, but obviously it gives a glimpse of me.
  4. The Wonderfulness, Blessing, Awesomeness, and Joy of Marriage in Medical School.  I am married.  I am one of the few people who are crazy enough that I got married during medical school.  And we are still married and happy despite that and everything people said.  This is my rambling about how great it is and why.
  5. Househusbands.  I have a superstar husband.  As implied by a number of my posts (actually, when I really look at it, I complement him and write about him a lot.  He is important.  The whole thing is a bit nauseating).  I am not home very much, but he takes good care of me.
  6. Not Just That Clerk Anymore… Reflections on Learning/Working In The Hospital.  Medicine is a big chunk of my life, so a post or two about it seem fitting.  I wrote this series of advice bits/random stories after finishing clerkship.  It was an exciting/terrifying time.  I will have to do another set at some point.
  7. Orange You Glad?  I am a fairly joyful, happy person.  And I love the colour orange more than any other colour (and I love a lot of colour).  This is a tribute to my favorite colour.
  8. Intentional Sinking and Healing.  Based on the antics of Peter in the Bible, so reflections on faith and healing.  Two things important in my life based on my favourite Bible person (after Jesus/God, of course).
  9. Life, Death and Taxes.  Why I Love Palliative Medicine.  The topic and the reason I included this seems fairly self explanatory.
  10. Embracing My Inner Hipster… To Avoid Actually Being A Hipster… Sort Of…  I had fun writing this.  And researching it.  And well, it is very related and integrated into my life.
  11. And a cheating one… My About page… Obviously all about me.

There you have it… My top ten posts that give a glimpse of me.

I will admit that I am a bit of a creeper and love reading blogs…  Not that it makes me a creeper, but I love learning new things or finding new books, but I also find people fascinating.  So, let me know what some of your favorite posts were, either on this blog or on your own or even someone else’s.

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